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The Disaster Known as Double XP

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03.18.2013 , 04:04 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by yabntraw View Post
Please read Supafreak's comment.

I enjoy grinding at leveling.
This is why I play these types of games.
Double XP felt like a hack. A cheap trick.
If this is truly the way you view leveling, you are playing the wrong game. In fact, you are playing the wrong NATIONALITY of game. Try Lineage 2 or one of the other similar Korean grindfests. The Asian market for MMOs seems to prefer grind-based games that take forever to level. They can take literal, actual years to reach maximum level, and, once you get there, there are usually several methods of alternate max-level advancement that continue the grind. The western market sometimes has trouble making up its mind as to its opinion of leveling, but the majority seem to want to level up fairly quickly and get into the endgame. That's not a hard and fast rule by any stretch, but seems to be what I see the most often.

Seems to me like you are simply not the kind of player that will enjoy a MMO that is designed for western audiences. You don't seem like you are ever going to enjoy a game that allows you to rush to the cap and start endgaming as quickly as possible. The Asian market, in general, seems to support the kind of game you might like. If you want, or even need, leveling to be a grind, try one of those. Like I said, try Lineage 2. I've played it once or twice, and, from the way you seem to want to level, it will probably suit your playstyle much better than SWTOR ever will.

Just a thought. You seem to be catching a lot of crap so I figured I'd make a semi-helpful suggestion. I, for one, actually like the double XP weekends. Not because of the rush to 50, but because of my playstyle. I only ever do missions to level. I don't do flashpoints, space missions, PVP, heroics, or operations, just story and planetary missions. I'm also a serious altoholic. Double xp weekends are great for someone like me. For someone like you, I can see how they can be an issue.

Just my opinion. Take if for what it is.

Have a nice day.
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03.18.2013 , 04:11 PM | #42
Quoted from OP's original post:

Quote: Originally Posted by yabntraw View Post
Now my char jumps 6 levels in less than an hour. All the additional content is now redundant. This so dismay me that I did the following. Unsubscribed with 3 months to go, deleted my char, had already pre-ordered RotHC, but Bioware can keep the money.

You said you deleted your character - singular. I completely understand why you wouldn't like double XP on your first character. I wouldn't have either. To give you a different perspective, here is the summary of my character list:
Server: Jung Ma
Characters: 12
Current Levels: 10,11,12,12,16,21,43,47,50,50,50,50

Server: The Ebon Hawk
Characters: 4
Current Levels: 4,12,35,47

Server: Jedi Covenant
Characters: 1
Current Level: 42

Server: Prophecy of the Five
Characters: 2
Current Levels: 34,50
I've also deleted several characters for various reasons, mostly while there levels were in the 20s, but I also had to delete one 50 to take the name for another character.

You're free to not like double XP, but do you see why some of LOVE double XP? The first character you start leveling to 50 is great. The 16th (15th, 17th, etc.) isn't so great.

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03.18.2013 , 05:29 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by yabntraw View Post
Really. I thought my argument was clear I want to play the game as the developers intended.
The Devs added the Double XP weekend, so they obviously intended it to be played that way.

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03.18.2013 , 10:24 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by yabntraw View Post
Google it .
Logic has taken a back seat if you believe that fast leveling is the future of SWTOR.
What is wrong with your RPers. PvP is the only thing worth doing in the game, you shouldn't have to level at all.
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03.19.2013 , 06:29 AM | #45
The Devs intended players to follow the story arc, move to each planet at the appropriate level.

They also want people to subscribe because of the benefits - "Purchasing a subscription plan is the fastest way to level up, get more content, and receive unrestricted access to the game".

With the upcoming release of RotCH maybe the devs realised that there not enough players at level 50 to enjoy the content.

Solution? Double XP, (which kills the need to subscribe).

The irony is that SUBS get access to all the content of RotCH, whilst F2P is limited.

So who wins in the long term?