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Set Bonus, negligible or not!

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Set Bonus, negligible or not!

SuperGrunt's Avatar

03.21.2013 , 08:30 AM | #11
I have to say, that the 2 best Set bonuses in the game are the 4 Piece Sorc Healing and the Sin Tanking set bonuses. +50 Force means less Consumption more healing, heck I keep that set bonus when I use my Sorc as Madness DPS, and as others have said, Sin without the 4 piece isn't viable, light armor just makes us too squishy.
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-Madcat-'s Avatar

03.22.2013 , 12:12 PM | #12
I guess it's all about preference. I tank with my assassin and I refuse to wear the Tionese/Columi/Rakata gear. It's hideous and just a horrible armor design. I haven't really noticed too much of a difference with or without the set bonuses. All I did was rip the mods out of the Columi Gear and placed them into whatever I wanted to wear. I've never had a complaint about my tanking.

Eternalnight's Avatar

03.23.2013 , 12:59 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by -Madcat- View Post
I guess
Guessing does not count.

it's all about preference.
It's not about preference.
It is a simple mathematical fact that the set bonus in many cases improves one's damage mitigation more than the increase of stats in any given gear tier compared to the previous gear tier.

verfallen's Avatar

03.24.2013 , 12:30 PM | #14
Get the headgear, gloves, boots and pants.

Hide headslot, boots and hands are not so bad, use whichever chestpiece you want, and with your first 40 or 44 BH comms (which take less than a weak doing HM FP and SM GF ops) and you'll be rid of the skirt.

Rieverre's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 05:22 PM | #15
... I don't really get the 'it's hideous gear so don't use it' argument. Last I checked, armoring can be yanked from purples now (and some bought outright independently from gear) and the set bonus is tied to said armoring. If you're at 50 without a full set of orange gear that you like the look of, you've obviously done something wrong somewhere along the line.

Anyway, as to the actual question ... yeah, set bonuses are useful and non-negligible, but I don't consider them critical to have if you aren't hitting really demanding content.