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Primadonna tanks

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03.20.2013 , 05:47 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by JouerTue View Post
i inspected him again and the valor rank 1 made me think..
What does Valor rank have anything to do with flashpoints or even PvE for that matter?

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11.26.2013 , 11:49 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Grumpftard View Post
Now, I'm a pretty good tank. I wouldn't say Primadonna... Elitist a** hole maybe... Well OK... Sometimes.
But I operate within reason. I generally don't blame DPS for crap (definitely not the healers). If it's accidental.... Got it. No harm no foul. I can handle the results. If I'm heading in to pull and a saber goes flying by my head.... Yeah, no big deal. Its not like he's gonna be able to hold threat against me, and the run was probably moving pretty quick so his little DPS E-peen was all happy.... Whatever.
Now if he's just being stupid and dive bombing whole packs while people are healing / typing / gathering, etc.....then I'm gonna ride it out... Pop my CD's.... Be the last one standing... Force Cloak..... Rez everyone but the moron....then tell the healer, " please do not rez him, idiots get the privilege of running back". Elitist a**hole comments ensue.... Followed by /nerdrage, /ragequit..... We three man the rest.... Everyone else has a great time. Life moves on.
Do tanks get a superiority complex? Yes they do. It's because about 75-80% of the responsibility for a successful run falls on the tank. The overwhelming mass majority of complaints I see from groups where they blame the heals or DPS, they SHOULD be blaming the tank . In my opinion it is NOT cliche to blame the tank for a bad run. It's usually well deserved. And believe me.... There are WAY too many fail tanks out there.
When I encounter a fail tank in random queues I simply whisper the other people in the party and let them know I have a tank and I am happy to switch over and tank if they drop group and reform, And almost all of the time when we lose the dead weight of a fail tank and I tank the run goes as smooth as butter.

The good DPS usually have the ultimate comeback to a primadonna tank saying "I would like to see you do a better job then.". The good DPS are good because they have learned all the roles and they can quite happily tank , heal or DPS through anything knowing exactly what the tank and healers will be (or should be) doing at any given point in a fight because they have already done the fight in every role.

And by extension good healers and tanks will also have toons in the other roles so that they know where they need to be in relation to the other members of the team.

And tanks are not the automatic leaders of groups by the sole virtue of being a tank. The natural leader of a team is the most experienced member of the team , it is only a coincidence that tanks get more pops in flashpoints (when they can be bothered to run more than the 3 a week that they need for the weekly) and thus have more experience in flashpoints.
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