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Lotra Escort

JRRNeiklot's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 09:07 PM | #1
I'm having a lot of trouble doing this space mission. I do fine until the Jedi ship comes out. It tears me a new one, taking me down to at least half health before I can kill him. I have all level 7 upgrades. Anyone have any advice for this one?


nelander's Avatar

03.06.2013 , 12:37 AM | #2
Try using the eccm on the first and third jedi ship, for the second one, set the power converter on defense, and dont just stay on one place after a few shots move your position (stop firing during this phase to help with shield regen and use missiles) then aim to the ship again. you might want to target the bombers first to reduce incoming fire.

Shwarzchild's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 08:22 AM | #3
Also I found it incredibly helpful to visit and peruse her video walk through of each mission

I definitely agree that for the third jedi ship you should use the non target power. The first jedi ship just remember that you can keep your reticle on the ship with your mouse, and also use the w a s d keys to move the ship around to mitigate damage as well.