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Directive 7 - completed it, but i have question.

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Directive 7 - completed it, but i have question.

shadowflit's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 09:39 PM | #11
Was mentioned briefly in thread, but just to reiterate, there are multiple quests for FPs. Make sure you pick up any that are applicable. They all give an assortment of commendations (and credits! I like credits). Completing 1 FP counts for any missions that are applicable, and only the two weeklies don't overlap. So for example if you run Esseles HM from groupfinder, you get the GF reward + the HM daily reward + a tick box on the HM weekly.

  • Group Finder (random) daily: Discussed thoroughly above, and won't be completable with only 2 people. If you've got some friends though, you can queue for group finder and then just have the other two drop out and do their own thing. You can then complete with 2 people and get the comms.
  • Daily HM FP: Complete any HM FP. Picked up from mission terminal in Supplies area (as are all the rest)
  • Weekly HM FP: Complete 3 HMs from the list
  • Rakghoul Weekly HM: Complete Kaon and Lost Island.

There's also one Vehicle quest (complete all the HM FPs once) that deals with flashpoints. It's in the GTN area by the speeder vendor.

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03.05.2013 , 11:44 PM | #12
You should have gotten way more social points though. There's a convo with a droid right before and after the 1st boss fight (the 3 droids) that has several back and forth's.