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The state of the game concerning world PVP?

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The state of the game concerning world PVP?

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03.02.2013 , 09:13 AM | #1
To the developers,

I do not post often on the boards but today I would like to put out a big one. I have several questions I would like to address. I hope this message reaches you and that I will get at least some responses and comments from you. I recently participated in the Ilum event and I must say I have been extremely disappointed from a PVP perspective. I felt the PVP experience lacked imagination and was simply boring. The quest that demanded to activate the gate in the middle of the PVP zone was just the tank quest version 2.0. Killing opponents or members of your faction was actually counter-productive to the completion of this quest. Once killed, you had to go back to get another orb all over again … Also, there was actually no rewards or real incentives to kill other players. Frankly, Bioware’s concept of world PVP seems to be: put people in close proximity and hope a fight will start. In my opinion, it was a failure from a design perspective and a poor effort on your part.

For me, world PVP must be centered on objectives to be interesting. I suspect many share this opinion. Huge castle sieges in DAOC or Lineage II are a good example. Anything else is mostly a gang-bang or simply annoying. Rarely people are involved in interesting fights in the current formulae. Either a whole group/raid will simply run over any easy prey on its path or a single player will wait till you are depleted from a PVE fight to finish you off. Huge battle scenarios are a big part of the Star Wars movies and something you have failed to recreate in the game. Where is my Battle of Hoth? I sometimes wonder if it is a lack of resources or if you simply consider the world PVP I described is not worth the investment.

So here are my questions:

1. Considering that 8/22 servers are PVP, I suspect a good 33% of your subscribers are interested in it. From your numbers, what percentage of the overall population actually plays the Warzones? Is it more popular than the space game for instance?
2. Are bigger warzones in production right now and will they be available in the near future? 24, 36 or 48 characters? Are you limited by the engine or by design?
3. How do you define world PVP? What should we expect for it in the near future?

Now, I would like to describe what I expected the western part of Ilum to be and share some ideas with you. At first, I would like to lay out some general guidelines:

1. World PVP is centered on contested objectives and occurs in zones populated with NPCs. It can be enjoyed solo or in large raid groups but you are always part of a faction.
2. Rewards should be given to players to encourage them to engage the other faction and NOT counter-productive if linked to quests. Specific rewards, as event rewards are, would promote this activity.
3. If a zone should be developed for this, it should also be usable for the PVE servers in another form.
4. Depending on the performance of the engine, the zone in question should have EQUAL population caps for both factions. From my experience on Ilum, maybe 50 or 100 people per faction would be a good start.

Let us imagine an underground zone on Ilum composed of an immense cavern complex (think of the mines of Moria in LOTR) where several camps of mercenary NPCs (around 24) are exploiting harvesters to collect crystals under the nose of both factions. Of course, our two factions with reputations, the Jedi and the Sith, are interested in those crystals and want to put an end to the contraband. They recruit heroes for this. Both factions (50-100 people each), have established a fortified base with a champion NPC and several others. Each of the 24 camps can be harvested for x crystals for your faction, provided you capture it and get rid of the NPCs around it. They provide crystals at fixed intervals of 5 minutes. NPCs respawn also at that point to reset the camps. Now, how do we incite players to compete over these camps and not simply split them up? All crystals are pooled at the end of the 5 minutes from the captured camps into the faction base (Alternatively, players need to run back which brings another dynamic if you can kill a player for his crystals). At 7 min 30s, a chest will spawn that will reward X valor, X credits and WZ/RWZ commendations. Looting the chest in the base distributes a share of all these to all the faction players. Normally, you would get about 75% of the rewards a warzone would provide for the time you spent but getting more than 50% of the zone’s crystals up to 66% would augment those rewards to a point where you would get the full benefits of a winning warzone. Thus, people would be incited to compete. Depending on the concentration of the camps around the zone, some highly populated areas would require a concerted effort of multiple players to capture and lead to massive battles; other more isolated areas could be taken solo or in small groups. You would have to spread your faction to defend your camps as stealth characters could take it under your nose. You could make a big push to capture the enemy’s base for their chest, but at the risk of losing your own camps, etc … For the PVE characters, there could be quests to collect X crystals for your faction and this could be a regular PVE zone. It would provide for them a way to collect WZ/RWZ commendations for the gear if they want it but at a slower paste than warzones. PVP objectives could be introduced; other PVE quests could also be available. Contested bosses could provide crystals etc …

Furthermore, I would like to see crafting involved in world PVP and the use of siege engines in the game. There could be some droids one could slice to help defend your camps. Artificers could craft portable shield generators that would provide good defense against tanks, AT-STs or portable cannons (Armormechs). Armstechs could craft missile launchers that would be extremely effective against mechanicals. Biotech could craft ointments to protect against the extreme cold in that zone. So many possibilities …

Finally, I am a big fan of huttball and would like to see more opportunities in the world to kill players in different and fun ways. Stalactites could fall around the zone, pools of liquid nitrogen could freeze you for x seconds and damage you and chasms could lead to death if pushed around or pulled. How about reusing the MGSS to move around?

To all players who read this post, I hope this will lead to a constructive and intelligent discussion. What do you like in World PVP and how do you define it? Are you satisfied with the game in that regard? Share some ideas or expend on mine. I can certainly imagine the scenario I presented in space PVP with asteroids fields and mining facilities or nebulae and the collection of rare elements …


Il Brutto

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03.02.2013 , 09:15 AM | #2
The engine does not support anything larger than 8v8. Hell, even warzones have FPS problems. It's just not doable.

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03.02.2013 , 09:28 AM | #3
I understand your point. I would like to know what the engine can support exactly. I run warzones fine but I know some don't. What would be the maximum density of players to be playable by most? The ilum zones with 100 as a cap were fine for me and not that big if you think of it. We had pockets of fights with at least 16-20 players around.
Il Brutto