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talent lies needs fixed

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talent lies needs fixed

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03.01.2013 , 01:49 AM | #1
Ok so shadow tanks get a talent that causes our next telekinetic throw used uninterrupted and immune to pushback and from day 1 this talent has lied to us because even at 3 stacks of this buff when anyone uses a push or knock back it interrupts our cast can we please get a fix befor 2.0 comes out please

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03.01.2013 , 02:36 AM | #2
Pushback is not the same as knockback. Knockback is a physics effect that moves you around. Pushback is a mechanical effect that causes you to lose channel time and increases cast time. Harnessed Shadows *does* make you immune to pushback, which is what it says. The only reason that knockback acts as an interrupt is because *any* movement immediately ends a cast or channel. As such, Harnessed Shadows is doing exactly what it says it's supposed to do. It's not the devs' fault that you conflate the two terms.
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