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Quitting in middle of WZ and consequences

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Quitting in middle of WZ and consequences

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03.10.2013 , 12:47 PM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by Aebrynis View Post
It's sad to see how badly this thread has degenerated. Come on, people.

Let's deal with an essential truth: Whether you agree with it or not, the system allows penalty-free warzone drops, because EAWare believes it will cause the least headache. They are likely correct in this assertion.

Here's another: There will be no penalties introduced, beyond what is already there (namely, leaving the 'safe zone' before you get kicked, just like the annoying red splash statement tells us). This means there will be no kind of deserter debuffs. That would have too much potential negative consequence to EAWare's bottom line.

Everything EAWare does is for the money. This is not a bad thing, they are a for-profit entity, after all. Profit means doing what they think will attract/retain the most sources of revenue. Regardless of what any of the rest of us think about the ethics of dropping from a warzone, EAWare allows it because they (rightfully, I bet) believe that to do otherwise will jeopardize the revenue stream.

Present your opinions, one way or the other, but realize a deserter debuff is never going to happen. Too many potential problems that EAWare simply does not want to deal with.
Alot of truth in what you say here, and I am afraid you are right about Bioware caring more about money than this game.

It still don't make it right for people to make excuses and to quit games on the drop of the fly, and that has been my point from start.

Also my intentions is to least has someone look at the other side of the coin, maybe to spark a dev to reply and least acknowledge what I am saying.

I can only dream.
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