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Why Is Slinger Unpopular In PvP?

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Why Is Slinger Unpopular In PvP?

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02.20.2013 , 04:01 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Irxyyy View Post
Sharpshooters are too immobile and lack any escape mechanics, thus they depend on the map a lot - one of the few classes I enjoy playing huttball with, while open flat spaces maps are not fun against any decent opposition. Other more mobile builds work better for scoundrels/ops imo.
Yes it is mostly the player's mindset. Many play a mobile class and can't adapt to the sniper/slinger play style. I started by playing an operative which lacks mobility in it's own way (no leap, KB or major sprint). I got used to quick covers as well to use certain powers. It prep'd me to play a slinger.

The funny thing is that as a slinger you realize you don't really need an escape power. Even the new power coming isn't an escape but rather a "reposition" power. They have more defensive tools than most other classes. They are designed to keep the slinger in the fight and to win. I don't think many players grasp this concept. When a slinger engages they have already mapped out their escape in their head because planning begins before you ever even engage. Position of attack is everything and something nearly every melee player has no experience with. Melee engages and when in trouble attempt their escape. A sniper/slinger mapped out their escape routes before they ever made their first shot. Once they engage a good slinger knows it's often a fight to the death. All their tools are devoted to that outcome. This why they require support in large engagement but when they do they are insanely effective on the battlefield.

It mostly comes down to mindset and tactics. They are a pure ranged class. Not a hybrid melee/range. Not a 10m range specialist. They aren't gank masters as everyone can see them coming. The mindset of a slinger is all about how to keep distance each and every attack and what to do when their position is overrun. I've escaped many more times than I died simply by being aware of the battlefield and what is about to come rather than simply being reactionary. It's all about how you play one and seeing how pure ranged damage spec's are currently rare in this game I'd dare say not many players have adapted to such strategies if they fell into the FOTM melee builds.

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02.24.2013 , 01:24 AM | #12
Ugh. This sounds like a problem you see on most MMO forums. Unless you have datamined stats on characters being used, you don't have any way to really know how popular or unpopular a class is. Case in point, I see Gunslingers and Snipers all the time on Shadowlands, whether I'm on my own Gunslinger or not. Voila, my anecdotal evidence defeats yours... maybe?

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02.25.2013 , 12:31 AM | #13
Well, I see them too, just not on warzones.

Anyway, I just read 2.0 notes and we're getting an awesome roll ability and stealth detection, scrambling field will stay where you put it... gonna be fun!
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