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Is anyone sick of dumb rewards?

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Is anyone sick of dumb rewards?

Elyxin's Avatar

02.13.2013 , 03:15 PM | #31
I agree that the Rep vendors could use more. One of the things taht I looked forward to in WoW (and to a lesser extent LotRO), was that rep got you some nice leveling items, quality starter gear for raiding, in addition to the play stuff (play stuff is everything from custom gear to pets to...whatever).

Of course, Bio had already made some decisions about those options before adding rep (in most games its the reverse...rep is already in game, and they expand on it later on). but they could still use the rep system for that.

Some examples would be generic ilvl56 mods, or perhaps a new remake of ilvl 58 armoring with set bonuses! you grind one fraction for your chest armor, another for your legs, etc. mods could be randomly or evenly spread out amongst the fractions. that way you can collect some nice rakate level mods for your custom gear as well as the custom gear itself.

Ship items is another. or extra bag slots (no clue how to add this, but it would be great) new pets, etc. make the pets based on the planets native populations so people can look at someones pet and go, "ooh...they have top rep with the Voss'ka (or whatever)" they could definitely go beyond.

another kewl idea would be companion custom kits. Imagine a Mako or a Jaesa with Voss glowy eyes in a seers getup...that woudl be fun. there's plenty they could do. on the other hand...this may only be their "initial" offerings to whet the surface, and see the reaction. So it's entirely possible that they may expand on it.