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DPS Commandos no good at 50 Pvp??

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DPS Commandos no good at 50 Pvp??


02.11.2013 , 02:14 AM | #1
I just reached 50 on my Sage yesterday and been doing some PvP, I hardly see any commandos, lots of Vanguard troopers but rarely any commandos.

I was wanting to level a commando, are they not really any good at PvP or something? Why so few around.

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02.11.2013 , 02:20 AM | #2
they are good dps'ers but very gear dependent.
any class can be good just got to put time and effort in..
just my opinion

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02.11.2013 , 05:18 AM | #3
try being a merc in tracer spec lol

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02.11.2013 , 05:33 AM | #4
They're alright if they're ignored and can therefore stand around mashing their rotations. Which is basically never, if the other side is even half awake,

Vanguards do more damage overall and have more burst, as well as have more mobility, survivability and utility. It's not really surprising people just play those instead.

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02.11.2013 , 08:00 AM | #5
Pretty much what above poster said. Can burn people very quickly if left alone to ramp up to 5 stacks of the grav round debuff with the procc'd full just rarely happens, because everyone knows that.

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02.11.2013 , 09:01 AM | #6
Yes, DPS commandos suck at 50 PvP. Anyone who tells you different is lieing or only play against completely terrible opponents.

Assault is better than Gunnery in PvP, but both specs are really easy to limit their damage with an interrupt or stun, are highly immobile, have no immunity to gap closers like force leap or to interrupts and have very little escapability once a melee does get in range. All of these tools are things that other immobile classes, like Gunslingers do have. Some of these issue it appears are going to be addressed in the expansion, but how much is yet to be seen.

In lowbie PVP it's alot easier to be effective because you see alot of players who are still learning their class, don't have all their abilities and don't understand how other classes work. Once you get into 50s PVP you see alot less of that and I know of a number of people who if they see a commando on the battlefield that they make a point of killing them at every opportunity because we're easy meat for anyone who knows where their interrupt is and how to use it.
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02.11.2013 , 04:03 PM | #7
Lets put it this way. In min/maxed gear and using every single defensive/offensive/aoe utility that the class has plus medpacks, stims, warzone adrenals and a tank buddie I can crank out about 450k damage in a pug warzone. I can occasionally solo a FOTM derpsmasher as long as I have all of my abilities and he is too dumb to find his interrupt button. That's about the maximum potential of this class.

The issue is not survivability per say, I can make myself VERY annoying to kill, but the fact that you really don't bring anything unique to the table and are very easy to take out of the fight. Even if you aren't dead, you aren't dpsing if you are trying to outlast/outkite/outheal a smasher with a mando fetish.

All of this said, if the rumored changed in the expansions do come through, I anticipate this will all change. Our dps was left more or less untouched, but we may be getting significant boosts to our already substantial survival and a slow that also prevent the target from vanishing or leaping while damaging them proportionally to how much they try to move.
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02.11.2013 , 04:11 PM | #8
I have a 50 Sage if you had to choose would you play a Sage or a Commando, for DPS.

I like my sage but feel my dps is low compared to other class BIG NUMBER dps output, someone hits me 1/3 my life is gone, I hit them it trickles away in the 100's to 2k tops.

I want to play a ranged class, with fair to good survivability and can do BIG NUMBERS like everyone else.

Sage, Commando, maybe gunslinger - which would you choose.

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02.11.2013 , 04:19 PM | #9
sage(bubble spec healer) > gunslinger(saboteur) > sage (balance) >>>>>>>> merc(dps)

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02.12.2013 , 12:22 PM | #10
It isn't that dps commandos are no good at pvp, its that gunnery commandos are no good due to low mobility and overreliance on grav round. Assault however is very good in pvp because it has nice mobility, and doesnt rely solely on dots, it has some very nice burst too, with assault plastique and high impact bolt. What really helps is hitting someone with high impact bolt at roughly the same time as assault plastique detonates, its really nice burst that healers wont be prepared for, thus allowing you to kill someone before their healer can do anything, or the target even knows whats going on.
Heres an opening rotation I like to use that almost always results in a kill from full health:
IR -> HiB -> AP -> FA -> (if procd) HiB