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Love and hate never end

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02.09.2013 , 09:34 AM | #1
((Hello all, been awhile. But I am back. For now anyway. This is a follow on for my story arc 'Love, the Force and Everything' that is linked in my signature. Spoilers abound, so be warned. Trooper arc spoilers start this off.))

<A cell>

It was driving her crazy. She had fought traitors, pirates, rakghouls, Sith Lords and even horrors out of hyperspace. All of them had left their marks, either on her flesh or in her mind. But nothing had messed Brianna Deering up as much as this enforced idleness did.

There was only so much she could read before she was sitting in a corner, doing sit-ups again. She had always been an active girl, even with everything that had happened, even through the various convalescences that she had endured. It seemed she had spent almost as much time in sick bays and medical wards as she had fighting these days. At least the prison uniform she wore wasn't uncomfortable. The shock collar was, but nowhere near as bad as some things she had worn for longer.

She was on her fifth set of ten when the door chimed for admittance. She ignored it, as always, focusing on her form as she continued her exercises. She did not look up as the door hissed open.

"Visitor." The modulated voice of her droid minder came.

"Well, whoopty flipping do..." Brianna said sourly as she continued her sit-ups. "They can wait until I am done."

"You always teetered on the edge of insubordination. I see your time here has thrown you right over the edge." An unexpected voice sounded and Brianna paused in mid crunch as someone she had never thought to see again entered the room. "Hello Major."

"I thought the supreme high muckety muck stripped me of my rank when she booted me from the service." Brianna said as she focused on finishing her exercises. "General." She said belatedly.

"She tried." General Garza shook her head slowly and sighed. "But come on, Major. You spit in her face! On live holo!"

"If I had been armed, I wouldn't have spit, Ma'am." Brianna said softly, finishing her set and rising slowly. "I would have shot her."

"You know everything in here is being recorded, Major." Garza said sternly. "I may know it is a joke, but..."

"Joke?" Brianna snapped, her eyes flashing. "That arrogant barvette just threw away everything every member of the military fought and died for!" Brainna struggled to hold onto her temper, but it came out anyway. "She just tossed it aside, for the sake of a few votes. Yes, I would have shot her. Her treason was almost as bad as Tavus' was."

"I know you are angry, Major." Garza said calmly. "But Chancellor Suresh is the elected leader of the Republic. Spitting in her face on live holo-news was not a good move."

"Felt good. And... Ask me if I care, General." Brianna said softly, stepping as far away from the other woman as she could. "Better yet, ask Sergeant Jaxo!" General Garza recoiled little but then nodded sadly.

"I didn't agree with what the Supreme Chancellor chose." Garza said slowly. "I said it then and I say it now. The man was too dangerous to let loose."

"Did they actually give up any prisoners?" Brianna asked, curious despite herself. "Or did the transport or transports the Imperials used 'mysteriously' explode after takeoff?" She made quotation marks in the air around the word 'mysteriously'.

"It didn't. All of the prisoners were dosed with a slow acting bio-toxin." Garza said softly. "We think the idea was to infect other soldiers. We caught it, but... There were casualties."

"I am sure she can spin that." Brianna said sourly. "After all, it isn't her fault she was an idiot, now is it?"

"Major." Garza said sharply. "Captain Jorgan was exposed to the toxin. He survived. He is a mess, but he survived." She said with a sigh.

"I don't see how that is my problem, Ma'am." Brianna said after a moment. "I don't command Havoc Squad anymore, if you didn't notice." She said sarcastically. "Soldiers know the risks. Get shot by the enemy or screwed by the brass? Same difference. Both can and will kill you."

"Dropping her plan on us like that was a bad move on her part." Garza said with a sigh. "If she had told me her plan, I would have tried to get her to see reason. Rakton was far too dangerous to let loose."

"Preaching to the choir, General." Brianna said as she dropped to the floor and started doing pushups. "But again, I don't see where 'I' fit in. The only order I am going to take from that barvette is if she orders me to shoot her."

"We need you." Garza said softly.

"So?" Brianna snapped as she finished her set and jumped to her feet. "Last I checked I am not in the military anymore."

"You have been reinstated." Garza said quietly.

"Oh?" Brianna asked slowly. "Damn, things must have gotten really bad if you are scooping the dregs up from Belsavis. Again." She said sourly.

"Come on, Major!" Garza said with a snap of her own. "Where else were we going to put you? At least you didn't go into the stasis wards."

"And?" Brianna asked sourly. "You do know why they had to put me in solitary, right? After what Havoc did here the last time we were here, right? I can't walk down the fracking hall without being jumped by someone with a grudge."

"Fourteen in the morgue." Garza said with a small shudder. "Forty two in the hospital. Three maimed for life and two catatonic and never likely to wake up. I thought I knew what you were capable of."

"They didn't jump me all at once. They didn't have the guts for that. And as for me surviving? Never underestimate the will to survive, general." Brianna said sharply. Then she sighed, her rage spent. "The new warden is fair. Graal was a good man." She shook her head. "He deserved better than to die like that. I hope that if you or anyone get a shot at those blasted Dread Masters again, you take it."

"They have laid low since the team you were with closed the hypergate on Asation." Garza said with a nod. "We don't know what they are planning, but we can assume we will not like it."

"Yeah." Brianna said with a shudder. "Got back from that clusterfisk and the supreme barvette of the Republic dropped her load of politically correct nerf osik on me. I wish I had been armed."

"If you had been..." Garza said quietly. "You would have been executed, not imprisoned."

"Well..." Brianna said after a moment. "At least in that case, I would face the Maker with cleaner hands. It is tempting, to tell all of you what you can do with yourselves. I am so tempted sometimes to take the easy way out." She looked at the floor for a moment, but then she sighed. "Whatever you want the answer is 'No'."

"If you had..." Garza said softly. "We would have no chance at- What?" She spun in place as the door opened. "No!" She shouted.

"She just needs to-" Whatever else the Twilek in senator's robes was going to say was cut off as Brianna scooped up the closest thing to hand and threw the solid metal cup with lethal precision. It slammed into the female's face, leaving a wide red mark.

"You!" Brianna snarled as the being hated more than any else in the galaxy raised a slow hand to her face, incredulous. Brianna's hands came up, poised to rend and tear.

"Stand away!" The order came as two armored and armored forms shouldered into the room, both had blaster pistols out and aimed. One was male, and one female, both wore the full armor of prisoner guards. "Back against the wall, prisoner."

"Who is going to make me, slimeball?" Brianna snapped, fury rising through every pore now. "Go ahead, shoot. All it is going to do is make me madder." Then she screamed as she was lifted into the air, bouyed up by something she couldn't see, unable to move a muscle. "No! Let me go you fraking Jedi!"

"I warned you, chancellor." A calm, considered voice had Brianna freezing. She knew that voice. The being who walked in was not the female she had known though. The face was the same, but the skin was red! "You should leave, Suresh. She won't talk to you. She is going to keep fighting while you are here. You should not have come." The Jedi said sadly. "Hello, Brianna."

"Cina?" Brianna asked, dumbfounded. "Cina Darkstorm? What the hell?"

"I uh..." Cina smoothed her robes with one hand, but kept the other poised and ready. "I had the surgical modifications that mom and dad did to me to hide my origins undone. The skin was part of it. I know it is disconcerting." She sighed again. "Leave, Chancellor. You are not helping."

"As you wish, Master Jedi." The supreme Chancellor of the Republic said with a grimace as she dabbed at the cut on her face. "But why didn't you stop her?"

"It wasn't going to kill you." Cina said with a nod. "And after what you did to her and her team? I find it very hard to care if you get hurt. It's not very 'Jedi-like' of me." Cina admitted. "But Brianna was my friend. And you screwed her, threw all of her teams accomplishments into the trash to further your career. She deserved the chance to hit you for what you did to her. Maybe in the future, you will listen when people tell you that you are being stupid." Cina said, her wave an obvious dismissal. She turned back to where Brianna was staring at her. "Can I let you down, Bri?"

"I dunno." Brianna said slowly. "So angry... Can't..."

"Get. Out." Cina said quietly, but with power behind the soft words. Suresh and the guards stiffened, but moved to the door.

"I'll stay, if you don't mind." Garza said from where she had retreated to the wall, out of the line of sight -and fire- between Brianna and Suresh. "I bear a certain amount of responsibility for her condition."

"Cina... No..." Brianna said sharply as the invisible fields holding her lowered her to the floor. "I don't know what is wrong with me. I am a threat."

"Not to me." Cina said gently. "Easy, Bri... Easy..." She crooned. "It's okay. Let me see." Then she stiffened. "Oh Bri..." Sadness saturated her voice now. "I am sorry. Here, this will help." She laid a hand on Brianna's head and it was suddenly warm, very warm. Brianna stared at Cina and then collapsed into a sobbing heap.

"What happened?" Garza demanded.

"One of the Dread Master's minions apparently hit Bri with something on Asation." Cina said, stroking Brianna's short hair gently. "Their greatest weapon, their signature weapon, is fear. So she was fighting that when the chancellor betrayed her." Cina shook her head. "Always so strong, Bri. I am amazed you didn't strangle her with your bare hands."

"Was going to." Brianna said through her tears. "Team stopped me, even Vik. I... I..." Brianna bit her lip. "Cina, help! It isn't gone!"

"It's all right, Bri." Cina said gently. "I am taking you home. They can help." Brianna's eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to voice a denial, but Cina smiled and laid a hand on her head again. "Sleep, Bri." Brianna stiffened, tried to pull way, but the Jedi's touch was fast as lightning and she sagged, instantly unconscious.

"Home?" Garza asked carefully. "Brianna's family are all dead."

"Not all." Cina said with a sigh as she picked the sleeping woman up and staggered a bit. She looked to where Garza was staring at the sleeping woman speculatively. "Do not, general." Cina said softly. "You will not like what happens if you pry too deep into this. I am serious. I know what would happen and it scares me spitless." She started for the door and paused as the two guard appeared in it, weapons drawn. "I would put the weapons down, people."

"She is a prisoner here." One of the guards said solidly. "You are not leaving with her."

"I am trying to save your lives, people." Cina said softly then she stiffened and spoke sharply. "Don't do it! She wouldn't like it. There is no need." Both guards looked confused.

"What are you talking about?" The male guard demanded.

"Ah, guard..." Garza said with a swallow. "I would do what she says... slowly." Garza raised a hand and slowly pointed behind the guards who, being professionals, did not spin in place One turned her head to look and froze. "Is that what I think it is, Jedi Cina?" Garza asked softly.

"If you think it is an HK series assassin droid with a rifle pointed at the guards, then yes." Cina said with a nod to the droid. "Are we clear?" She asked the droid.

"Statement..." The silver droid that had appeared behind the two guards said calmly. "This unit has secured the cameras between here and the landing pad. A cart has also been secured for secure transport of this one's master."

"Master?" Garza asked, incredulous. "Oh, Major. What else didn't you tell us?"

"Statement: This one would prefer to instigate hostilities and slaughter every meatbag between here and the landing bays." The droid said as both guards stiffened. "Sad: But the Jedi is correct. This one's master would not approve. Pity. Question: Will you resist?" The droid asked the guards. It seemed awfully eager. The guards slowly bent down and laid their weapons on the floor. "Sad: Drat."

"In." Cina said as she cleared the door and the guards moved past her carefully. "This area is covered by the com jammers, so we will have time to escape. General, I respectfully suggest that you do not pursue Brianna. When she wants to be found, she will be. And you will need all the resources you have for what is coming."

"I know." Garza said with a nod. "Just, two things. First tell the major I am sorry. No one thought to check."

"I will but I fully expect her mom to call and have 'words' with you about that, General." Cina said with a wince. "And the second thing?"

"Is Suresh alive?" Garza asked carefully. "I know what HK units are capable of." Cina looked at the droid who looked... sheepish?

"Statement: The arrogant Twi'lek female lives. This unit sedated her at the medical facility." The droid said with a mechanical sigh. "Sad statement: Your orders hold while the master is unconscious, Jedi Cina."

"Good." Cina said, slapping the 'door close' button, then the lock and then waited while HK fried the panel. "Let's get out of here. I hate Belsavis."
My stories in order:
Love, the Force, and Everything Discussion thread here

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02.15.2013 , 04:31 PM | #2

She was warm. Everything was soft, gentle. But Brianna knew something was wrong. She threw out her hands, but they wouldn't move. She stiffened and started struggling to move.

"Whoa..." A worried female voice sounded from nearby. "Easy, Ma'am. You are all tangled up in the covers..."

Brianna jerked, her eyes opening. She had been asleep! She was lying on a bed in... What the hell? She heard the hum of what had to be starship drives in the near distance. She was, indeed, wrapped up in the sheets that had covered the bed. She rolled to unwrap herself and then paused as they levitated away from her. She looked up into worried eyes. She wasn't sure what race the dark haired young female was. She looked almost human. Almost, the tattoos were striking. She wore Jedi robes and a long silver hilt hung by her side.

"Who are you?" Brianna managed to croak out past a tongue that was far too dry. "Where am I?" The woman held out a glass with a straw and Brianna took it in shaky hands, careful not to drop it. She took a long drink. It was only water, but right then, it tasted like the best beer she had ever had. In moments it was empty.

"You are aboard the Defender class starship 'Memories of the Hawk'." The young female said calmly as she took the glass back. She had to be a Jedi from her attire and demeanor. "My name is Nadia, Nadia Grell. My master and I were seconded to Jedi Cina Darkstorm to assist her."

"That and keep an eye on me." Cina's calm voice preceded the other Jedi into the room. "Good morning, Bri."

"Cina?" Brinna shook her head, her hand shooting to the back of her neck and pausing on not finding the shock collar there. "What the hell?"

"It took us a while to find you, Bri." Cina said sadly, sitting by the bed. "Nadia, do you think you can get some breakfast for our guest? She will be weak and confused for a while." Nadia bowed with a smile and left the room. "Ah, Bri..." Cina said, taking the soldier's limp hand in her own. "You are a mess."

"I know." Brianna said sadly. "Everything is...fuzzy... Am I drugged?" She asked softly.

"Nothing so simple." Cina said with a sigh. "I only have surmises at this point, but I think when you were fighting on Asation, one of the Dread Masters' minions hit you with something. Not that you would ever admit to fear." Fond exasperation nearly covered the worry in the Jedi's tone. "You stubborn girl."

"Pot meet kettle." Briana said fondly. "I knew you went to Tython, but nothing after that."

"I was sent to apprentice to Master Youn Parr, but when I got there, she already had an apprentice." Cina said with a sigh. "Lots going on, and too few Jedi masters, but I stayed and learned. I spent a great deal of time learning. There was so much to learn, so much to see, to know." Cina said, her face breaking out into a smile that faded. "But then.. The war..."

"I know." Brianna said softly. She shook her head. "I know. But... Cina... I was in prison. You broke me out?" Worry clouded her features now. "You are going to get in so much trouble."

"Not nearly as much as that arrogant witch Suresh is." Cina said with a scowl. "Yes, you insulted her, on live holo-news at that. It went viral in moments and is still circulating now, six months later."

"Six...?" Brianna asked weakly. "I know I slept a lot... but..."

"Brianna." Cina said sadly. "They locked you up without a trial." Brianna's eyes went wide and Cina nodded. "That is a blatant breach of Republic law. I don't care if you were Havoc Squad, the military is still subject to the rule of law. They snatched you, drugged you and locked you up without so much as a 'by your leave'. They didn't bother to check you for injuries! For a reason for your outburst! When that gets out, there will be hell to pay, from the military at the very least. The Republic is not supposed to do things like that. That is the kind of thing the Empire does." Cina said with a sigh, calming slightly. Her face turned sad. "I still get excited. I am not a good Jedi."

"No." A melodious voice sounded. A dark skinned Twi'lek in Jedi robes walked into the room. Her face was serene and kind and Brianna instantly liked her. "You are great Jedi, Cina Darkstorm. To see such an injustice as what happened to Brianna here, and not get furious takes dedication and skill. Good morning. Nadia said you were awake. She is working on breakfast." She smiled at Brianna, who hesitantly smiled back.

"Good morning." Brianna replied automatically. "Do I know you?" She asked. Something about this female...

"It's been a while. We worked to liberate Sobrik together on Balmorra." The Jedi said with a kind smile. "My name is Charili."

"Oh..." Brianna kicked herself. "Yeah, you are the healer who kept us all standing when the Imps counterattacked."

"It was a mess, but we succeeded." Charili said with a smile. "How do you feel, Brianna?"

"Like I am not all here." Brianna said after a moment. "I am fuzzy... But not drugged?" She asked Cina curiously. The Jedi nodded.

"There is... a wrongness in your mind, Brianna." Cina said soberly. "Charili and I both sensed it. We both tried to help you and we can't. The healers at the enclave couldn't do anything for you either." Brianna's eyes went wide and Cina nodded. "You have been asleep for two days."

"If you can't..." Brianna said slowly. "And the Jedi healers can't... Then..." She broke off, realization dawning. "No..." There was one being that both she and Cina knew who was incredibly good at dealing with mental problems. But there were complications.

"Brianna, she can help. She offered as soon as she heard." Cina held Brianna's hand in a gentle grip as the soldier shook her head savagely. "And before you say anything, Charli has been briefed. On all of it."

"I had no idea." The Twi'lek said sadly. "I could feel your anger, your sadness when we met. But I had no idea... None at all..." Her voice turned super soft. " You have nothing to fear from me, Brianna Makarian Deering...Kalenath." The last name was a whisper. Lots of reasons to keep that name quiet.

"No..." Brianna cringed as the Twi'lek sat beside her. "Don't..."

"I am not going to hurt you, Brianna." Charili said kindly. "I give you my word, as a Jedi, that until or unless the safety of the Republic or innocents is threatened, no one will hear what we speak of from me. This ship has been swept for listening devices and recorders. My crew with the exception of Nadia -who I trust implicitly- are all off doing jobs for me. Your secret is safe." She reassured the worried woman. "You are safe. As far as any of the rest of my crew know, you are a soldier who was unjustly imprisoned. You were hurt in an odd way and we are taking you somewhere where they can help you, somewhere classified top secret. " She said gently to Brianna who slowly relaxed. "Some have seen the holos, and are curious. But they know better than to ask. Well..." She grinned a bit sourly. "Tharan may pester you, to try and figure out what happened to you. If he does, tell him to go away. He is a bit much at times, but his heart is in the right place." Briana was shaking her head and Charili smiled. "We are not lying about what happened to you. It is the truth."

"Not all the truth." Brianna said with a sigh as she relaxed fully. "But... This isn't fear. I know fear. This isn't it."

"No, it's not." Cina said with a shrug. "We don't know what it is. The Jedi Archives have nothing like this on file. We are hoping Sarai's people know more." She made a face. "It was weird though. I sent a full message detailing your condition and asking for help. The response was two words. 'Bring her'."

"Can we enter that system?" Brianna asked softly. "I tried to keep on top of things. I know the Imperials sent a fleet there and it didn't come back."

"She said they wouldn't kill." Cina said with a wince. "But that leaves a lot of wiggle room. I do not feel comfortable bringing you and your crew, Charili. They may lock you up. They would be gentle, but..." Cina shrugged. "I know how powerful you are, but they have fought Force users. You wouldn't have a chance."

"Your ship needs more than one person to fly it, Cina." Charili said with a wave, dismissing the concern. "Especially to fight. I know you have it rigged to operate alone, but that is just insane. If you go into combat like that.." She winced. Brianna blinked and then nodded.

"I have heard your voice since Balmorra." Brianna said with a smile. "You fly with the Aegis."

"Yeah," Charili smiled. "You were 'Meteor', I was 'Serenity'."

"No one who ever saw you do a barrel roll through a squadron of enemy fighters called you that with a straight face, Ma'am." Brianna said with a grin. "I always wondered if your droid was flying or you. Our C2-N2 flew like a box of rocks."

"They gave Havoc Squad one of those too?" Charili asked, incredulous. "How long did it last before you chucked it out the airlock?" Brianna looked sheepish and Charili sighed. "They replaced it the next day, didn't they?" Brianna nodded and Charili sighed again. "They did the same for me. I swear that droid had the brains of a rock. It kept saying that Qyzen was fat, needed to lose weight. He is a Trandoshan hunter! If there is an ounce of unneeded body fat anywhere on him, I would be frankly astonished." She said, exasperated.

"It...said... what?" Cina asked softly. "Oh dear..." She put her face in her hands, but was obviously trying not to laugh. Her grin showed through her hand though.

"Well..." Brianna said with a matching grin. "I know that Jorgan shot ours a few times. Accidental discharges of course." She said with a laugh. "They just... 'happened' to vaporize its speech modulator. It never said anything to HK for some funny reason..." She said with a fond smile of memory.

"I wonder why." Cina shuddered. "That droid is scary."

"Garza said Jorgan was hurt." Brianna said softly. "Don't like him, but he is a heck of a soldier." The two Jedi shared a glance and Brianna sighed. "If you can't tell me, please say so."

"Brianna..." Cina said kindly. "After Captain Jorgan was hurt, Havoc Squad was sent in with a small force from the Aegis to hit an Imperial station in the Regnant system. They didn't come back." Brianna inhaled sharply and Cina nodded. "We don't know what happened. Your HK unit appeared on Tython, in a stolen Imperial shuttle. It refuses to talk about what happened to anyone except and I quote 'the true leader of Havoc squad'. You. It showed signs of battle damage, but no signs of slicing."

"Get it in here." Brianna said as she rose to a sitting position.

"Brianna." Charili said calmly. "You need to eat something first, then use the facilities. Then you can debrief your droid."

"Cina...I..." Brianna paused as both Jedi stood back and crossed their arms. "Fine." She said with a glower. "You haven't changed a bit. Still a bossy boss."

"And you are still arrogant and pig headed." Cina said with a wide grin as Brinna smiled. "It is good to see you. I heard some of what happened to you on Ord Mantell and later. Your dads, both of them, would be proud." Brianna felt her eyes burn, but whatever she was going to say was cut off by Nadia returning with a tray filled with steaming bowls.

"I can't eat all of that." Brianna protested as Nadia laid the tray on a table she hadn't seen nearby.

"We haven't had breakfast either." Cina said with a smile at Brianna's expression. "Mind if we join you?"

"I have had my fill of being alone." Brianna said with a grin. "Eh..." She blinked as a folding table unfolded from the wall and extended over the bed. She stared, open mouthed as Charili -hand upraised- moved a bowl close enough for her to reach, then a spoon. "Can I at least feed myself?" Brianna asked sourly.

"Sure." Cina said with a grin as she and Charili sat at the table. Nadia smiled, nodded to Charili and left the room. Brianna hadn't thought herself hungry, but in short order, the bowl of cereal was empty and she was finishing off the juice that Charili levitated into reach.

"I thought Jedi felt the Force was only to be used when needed." Brianna said slowly. " I could have gotten that."

"Many do." The Twi'lek said when Cina looked at her. "But some of us feel that we should help in small ways as well as large. It can be draining, but I do enjoy helping people."

"I need..." Brianna said, trying not to squirm. She rolled slowly to the bed side and put her feet on the floor as Cina came close, offering support if needed. To her dismay, she did need the support, she was shaking with fatigue as Cina led her back to the bed after finishing her business. She smoothed the one piece hospital type garment she wore and nodded. "Ok... HK, get you metal butt in here!"

The Jedi looked at each other and froze as the door opened and the sleek, dangerous looking droid entered the room.

"Yes, Master?" The droid said, coming to stand near the bed. "It is pleasing to see you functional. Shall we terminate some enemies today?"

"I would like that." Brianna said with a grin. "Out of practice though. What happened?" She asked, her tone commanding.

"This unit is uncertain." The droid sounded worried. "There is a gap in this unit's memory, approximately an hour in duration before the hyperspace jump to the Regnant system. This unit had been sent to downtime, by Captain Dorne. But all onboard security cameras failed as well at the same time. When this unit woke from it's downtime, it was the only being aboard the ship. This unit attempted to complete the mission, but the overwhelming Imperial force in the area precluded that. A Star Destroyer and accompanying fleet were present." Brianna winced and nodded.

"How many did you get?" Brianna asked with a grin.

"Question." The droid replied almost whimsically. "In space or after escaping the wreckage of the Thunderclap?" Brianna stared at it and the droid paused. "Worried statement: This one knows that some humans form attachments to inanimate machinery. This one regrets the loss as well, it was a fine weapon." It seemed to wilt a bit under her gaze. "This unit fought as designed. 76 fighters, two corvettes, four frigates and the bridge of the Star Destroyer were destroyed. This woe was unable to disable the station com array or the defense satellites that were the primary targets before the Thunderclap was disabled. This one regrets the failure."

"Well done." Brianna said in the utter silence that fell at the droid's words. "i assume you got onto an Imperial ship, stole a shuttle and returned?"

"This one's orders, in case of such a situation, was to find you, Master. But no one knew where you had been incarcerated. So this one hacked your secure files in the escape pod this one appropriated." Brianna glared daggers at the droid who did not react. "It took three days. Your security was impressive, Master. And all this one found was a note to speak to Jedi Cina Darkstorm." Cina jerked and then nodded, her face thoughtful. "This one made contact and the rest you know."

"I assume you have scanned your chassis." Brianna said with a nod to the droid. "Anything odd?"

"Minor cosmetic damage to this one's hull." HK replied, then paused. "And one oddity. A small droid, microscopic." He paused as both Brianna and Cina inhaled sharply. "Is that significant?"

"Can you show it?" Brianna asked, unsure if she was breathless from terror or anticipation. Maybe both.

"This one took a holo before destroying it." HK replied and a green glow appeared in front of it. The holo immediately grew to show a silver thing. It had a three segmented body with eight legs, two large and two small growing from the thorax, four sturdily built ones attached to the abdomen. "This one does not know this design of nanobot. The creators of this design are not within this one's databanks." HK said and then paused as it saw Brianna's face turn pale. "Master, are you well? Your vital signs just spiked."

"I do know who made that design of nanobot." Brianna said softly, meeting Cina's eyes with a scared look the Jedi shared. "And we are flying right to them..."
My stories in order:
Love, the Force, and Everything Discussion thread here