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Paypal Problems again??!

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

BaronV's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 12:09 PM | #1
So i logged in to SWTOR after about a week (really not playing much nowadays...) only to see a big message:


and im like so i go to the website and lo and behold my subscription seems to have auto-cancelled! Tried re-subbing using paypal but i get a generic "Error".

Checking my payment history the sub for this month is listed as "FAILED".

Seems you guys are having paypal problems again. I resubbed using a credit card but im really not comfortable giving EA my credit card info hence the reason i went with paypal in the first place!
I used to be a Jedi like you - until I took a blaster bolt to the knee

BaronV's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 12:14 PM | #2
oh and to add insult to injury it seems the game client refuses to acknowledge my re-subscribed status meaning that Im locked out of the game until Im billed the next working day... (i DO NOT want to play as prefered)
I used to be a Jedi like you - until I took a blaster bolt to the knee

Bronholz's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 12:35 PM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Greetings BaronV,

Thanks for contacting us.

For assistance in this issue please contact our Account & Billing team. They will be able to look into the issue and provide you with further assistance. You can contact them through the details here.

Thanks for your patience.
Bronholz | BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

BaronV's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 11:08 PM | #4
sorry - but im not prepared to make an expensive international call and be put on hold for an hour just to get you fine people to fix your own problems.

You have a problem with paypal - please get it sorted.

I have already stated that I re-subbed using a credit card (much to my own dismay)
I used to be a Jedi like you - until I took a blaster bolt to the knee