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Additions for SWTOR in the future.

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Additions for SWTOR in the future.

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01.30.2013 , 06:14 PM | #1
Hello all!
I've been playing SWTOR since beta and currently still subscribed. After leveling 3 toons to max level, I've really enjoyed what the game has to offer. . I'm very excited for the new expansion pack and glad that the level cap is being raised leaving
But throughout that time I've thought about a lot of things I would love to see added into the game, so here is my list of what I'd like to see in the future of SWTOR
1. Open World PvP
I remember when the game first launched and I reached 50 on my vanguard I was so excited to go to Ilum and join an ops group and stay there the whole night waiting for about 20 imperials to show up, so we could have an amazing battle. Of course the lag and terrible stability ruined the open world PvP. So Bioware just took out the dailies and weekly for it, which gave us no reason to go there anymore. I would love to see a planet just dedicated to PvP with different areas for different levels. Maybe a 1-10, 10-20, etc etc and then one level 50 area. Fix the lag and stability and add some new dailies/ weeklies.

2. Random Events
While leveling to max level 3 times, I was hoping something would surprise me. Then I thought what if a random event would happen and it would take some people to complete it. Imagine traveling through the sands of Tatooine and the nearest outpost to you randomly is attacked by sand people? It would be completely random and no one would never know when it would happen. Plus to get people to want to complete them add some rare items that would be rewards only through these events.

3. Improved Space Combat
This is obviously something that everyone would love. Instead of doing the tunnel vision add 3d movement and combat. Plus add more Ships! Add a ship yard where we can buy and sell ships to each other. Add space areas where we can level our ship level, and do quest to get better equipment. Even add PvP later on if it works out.

4. Minigames!
Minigames! If you want SWTOR to be more social, add mini games. Add games like Pazaak or some form of poker in which we can play aganist each other for credits. It will give us a way of connecting to other people. Plus pod racing or swoop biking. This would be an amazing addition, maybe spectators can even place bets.

5. More guild stuff!
I personally went through 2 guilds until I found the right one. The only thing a guild adds to the game is an easier way for to communicate. Of course that is the main reason for a guild, but lets make it more interesting to have one! Add guild ships, or a guild hall where we can customize it anyway we want. Add guild capes or guild helmets, or even emblems to put on our armor.

6. More customization
Add more races, we would love to have more races to play. Also adding a tailor would be amazing. After a while, I know people like me look at their character and wonder, why did I do that? A tailor could fix that and add more customization that we want. Add a paint tool so we can even customize our armor so we can have our own unique feel that makes our characters, OUR characters.

This is my current list of what I think should be added. Please to the community, keep adding to the list and I hope BioWare considers these ideas.