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When you are playing and you Disconnect = Feature of the Game?

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When you are playing and you Disconnect = Feature of the Game?

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01.30.2013 , 08:50 AM | #11
It's Bioware's way of telling you get up and stretch your legs for a minute or two, go pee, get something to eat and/or drink - they're only looking after our health and welfare.
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01.30.2013 , 08:58 AM | #12
Its called Bioware doesn't care about quality in this game.

1.) release as much cartel items to get additional $$$$z
2.) Ignore people through customer support
3.) Release a patch with no quality in mind.
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01.30.2013 , 09:08 AM | #13
Exiting Battle of Ilum HM when we're finished is a coin flip whether or not they'll be a disconnect.
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01.30.2013 , 09:41 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by LordRahlik View Post
I have several computers who run the game and on some I have the problem, on some I don't.

This is the only conclusions I can draw:

1 - Have a 64-bit windows installed.
This is absolutely prio 1. You want to run on a 64-bit OS. If you have a 32-bit OS (Win XP or Vista/7 in 32-bit mode, win 8 is only 64-bit afaik) then try to upgrade. Will help.

2 - LOTS of internal memory.
Less than 8 gb means that you'll have to restart once every 1-2 hours for the game to fully function. 8-12 gb the game should work, but not run perfect at all times, more than 12 gb internal men = smooth sailing.
Now - people who know something about the client will say "Hey, it's a 32-bit client, it cannot use more than 2 gb internal mem anyway!! He's full of ****!" this is partially true. The game cannot USE more than 2 gb internal men, but it's coded so badly that it leaks memory quite a lot. This is the reason you want tons of internal memory.

If you have the chance to fix the two above then you should be golden.
If not - don't despair - BW is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it. They even have a thread up asking for help.
Although not frequent, it happens to me and my wife from time to time.

I run Win 7 64 bit with 12G and she runs Win 8 64 bit with 16G. My wifes old machine was a Win 7 64 bit with 4G and we see no difference (DC wise) between that and her new computer. She never had to restart on the old 4G machine even during long play sessions and had about the same number of crashes.

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01.30.2013 , 09:55 AM | #15
I am not having this issue. Your best bet would be to post in the CS forum.
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01.30.2013 , 12:54 PM | #16
It's a feature and it's call "BioBreak".

Seriously, just this minute crashed to desktop two minutes after starting the game and spending not even a whole minute on fleet.
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01.30.2013 , 02:03 PM | #17
I couldn't even load the game-disconnect followed by crash to desktop upon reconnect attempt without even loading completely.

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01.30.2013 , 02:16 PM | #18
Yeah, game is no longer playable with the frequent disconnects, and customer service doesn't exist. I'm sad because im one of the few people who stick up for the game, and they can't even keep it running. time to move on.