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"The Traitorous Savior"

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01.28.2013 , 08:00 PM | #1
These stories are being pulled from my Guild Website as the Main Plot for the Guild unfolds. I just had the idea tonight of sharing them here, so to fill everyone in on a couple quick points:

The Guild is called the Galactic Security Coalition, & its Commander is Tenaden Viperfang. These stories are the precursors leading up to the point at which the GSC currently resides, & after these first stories are completed, the actual Guild RPing will take place In-Game. Of course, there will be more stories in text along the way, & I may also be posting the Forum RP which will be a part of the Guild's Main Plot here as well! (Guild Website is here)


"The Traitorous Savior"

Prologue: (Pt. I)

A young lad of just sixteen years of age embraces the warmth of the rising sun upon his face; as his boots gently crunch down upon the grasses of the Dantooine plains, he looks back to the small Farm House he calls home. Steam rises from the vents, a sign that Mother is in the kitchen preparing breakfast, & Father converses with a friend in the courtyard of the Farm House. The boy gives a gentle sigh with a smile, & turns back to overlook the massive view of the rolling hills which cuddle the rising sun. Waves of swaying grass decorate the distance, & down range, hundreds of miles ahead of the boy's view & as clear as can be, more farms can be seen, as well as the mountain ranges past even further. Such peace - such tranquility; such happiness. The boy takes a step forward, though upon his foot meeting the ground, he hears something other than the crackling of the grass below his stride. Unsure, he takes another step forward, & hears it again - something truly out of the ordinary. A loud pop, perhaps? He takes a third step, but does not hear the sound again. After a long moment, he dismisses the anomaly; in vain. For not a moment's notice soon thereafter, a massive detonation explodes from the side of the house, & a barrage of blaster fire can be heard along with the screaming of war cries.

The boy rushes back to the house to see half of it engulfed in flames. Horrified, he stands to watch for a moment, unsure of how to act. He watches armored men & women storm into his home - a design of armor that could never be mistaken. The front door, now merely a burning frame, is the first thing he heads for. Rushing inside of the house, he feels the intensity of the inferno instantaneously. He grunts in pain as the heat begins to overwhelm his flesh, but he pushes on. Turning the rounded corner of the entrance hall, he sees that the family room which would normally be to his immediate right has been completely blocked off by burning rubble. He turns to his left, the only direction in which he can venture. After dodging several chunks of falling rubble, all of which are aflame, he finally reaches the next room, which would be the kitchen.

To his absolute horror & disgust, he takes sight to a true nightmare - the upper torso of his Mother lay in the kitchen sink, & drowning in a pool of blood would be her other half on the floor, a line of entrails being the only thing which connects the two. His Father, lay just a few feet before the boy, his neck & face coiled up by a double-pronged fleshy abomination, with hundreds of large suction cups securely attached across his body. The boy's eyes shake as he follows the strange object. Finally he sees it - with its four green & red eyes, its blood-stained claws & fur, the enormous Nexu gnarls as it feasts upon the remains of the boy's Mother. The beast slowly looks over to the boy as it catches him in its view, & begins to turn to face him directly, dragging the boy's Father across the ground as the spinal cord of the Mother rests lodged between the teeth of the Nexu. Though before it can strike, an electrical shock is released onto its side, & the beasts sprints out of the house through the wreckage behind it, releasing the Father in the process

Then, emerging from the smoke & burning debris, are two warriors, with their shining blue armor & heavy blaster rifles - Mandalorians. After a few seconds, between the two warriors, then arrives Mandalore himself. Mandalore scans the area, & then looks down to the boy's Father. He crouches down before him, rolling him over so he can see his mutilated face, damaged & disfigured from the suction cups of the Nexu's forked tail. He squeezes what would appear to be the Father's cheeks, & then speaks through his helmet:

"Viperfanghmph. Some Mandalorian you are - challenging my title & then running to this planet as a way to hide as a pitiful farmer with your oh so precious new name! You bring great dishonor to your legacy. I am here to end it, so your taint will no longer dilute our ways."

Mandalore then snaps the Father's neck, finally putting him out of his misery. The towering figure then stands, & turns to the boy, who stands idle, practically unconscious. Mandalore walks over to him, his heavy armor thudding loudly as it spreads ash & flaked, burning wood out from under his step. He lifts the small ball up by his hair, & speaks thusly,

"Boy - remember these words: I will give you eight more years to find the constitution to face me on Dxun, & attempt to rebuild this now charred heritage of yours. Find your own way back to us; should you not, you will die."

Mandalore then dropped the boy, who simply curled up & lay next to a burning log. The Mandalorians then exited as swiftly as they entered, & just a few moments later, the cries of the local Fire Control vehicles began to echo through the blaze-engulfed home.

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01.29.2013 , 03:56 PM | #2
Prologue: (Pt. II)

("Clash of Destiny", a song from the SWTOR OST, would compliment the battle scene in this part of the story greatly)

The next few things the young boy could scarcely recall, were only short scenes of action fading in & out between flashes of white.

He first recalled being carried on a stretcher towards the Medevac Transport, with a view of the the burning Farm House finally crumbling in upon itself to ruin. The next scene is watching the blurred lights & ceiling of hospital corridors pass above him, as he is quickly rushed to Intensive Care. The third sight he remembers is witnessing the doctors implant many life-support devices and tubes into his body. Recalling, the boy thinks he can remember pain throughout the process, but the stings from the injuries were already to intense that the pain grew to be a normal & numbing sensation, so he simply was able to not notice it after a time. The final scene that the boy can recall, was a doctor conversing with a nurse at the end of his hospital bed. He can remember hearing the words "Father," "Coalition," & "Softglo." After that, there are no memories - no dreams, not anything but nothing. For six months, the boy rested in the hospital in a deep slumber, awaiting for his organs & spirit to again find the will for him to live & continue on. When finally he did awaken, he sees a doctor sitting on a chair, just to the side of his bed.

"Good morning, Tenaden," the doctor begins. "You have been gone a long time." The doctor offers a half-frown-half-smile as he does his best to stay as reassuring as possible with the young boy. Tenaden begins to look around, and across his body. He would see a vast majority of his flesh covered in cybernetics & life support gadgets, & he finally realizes that his vision is like looking through a transparent screen of a Datapad - overflowing with data & shapes outlining the HUD. He attempts to reach up & touch his face, but his hands only reach so far, before being restrained by the incredible number of wires & electronics.

"Now don't panic," the doctor quickly says. "Just remain calm. These systems are keeping you alive - please, do not touch them. In time you will recover, & you can begin removing them, but for now...for now you simply just do as we say. We are here to help you, Tenaden."

The boy looks up to the doctor, his golden eyes beginning to swell as the electrocardiogram beeps more quickly. The doctor frowns & gently places his hand over top of Tenaden's, though the boy cannot feel it. "Rest, Tenaden. The nurse will be back soon to help you." The boy closes his eyes, squeezing out a few tears as they are absorbed into the mask he wears, & he sleep again.

Of the course of the next year & a half, Tenaden undergoes the initial stages of his recovery - & during this time, never once did he leave the premises of the hospital. On his eighteenth birthday, Tenaden leaves the building's property line for the first time, & the only signs of his injury would be a massive scar over his face, which pulsates red in random intervals. By this time, he had learned that he is the sole remaining family member of both his Mother & Father's respective sides of the family. His bloodline had been slaughtered nearly to extinction, & everyday, the only thing that Tenaden could think of, would be when he might face Mandalore once again. After being released from the hospital, he was given a small home & a job at a bakery in the nearby town of Northville. On the first night of moving in, Tenaden began making his plans to confront Mandalore again.

When Tenaden turned twenty-one, he officially inherited control of the Galactic Security Coalition, and organization created by his Father, Torgus. It's initial & secret purpose was to further hide Torgus & his family from the Mandalorians, in addition to adopting the new surname of Softglo. Originally, the Father's name was Klex of Clan Viperfang, of which he was the Chieftain. After attempting to take the title of Mandalore, & failing, Klex receding off-world in shame - which proved to be the gravest of mistakes, even though he successfully hid himself for sixteen years. But in that short amount of time, the GSC prospered. Receiving assistance from both the Republic & the Jedi Order, its numbers bolstered, & so too did its capabilities. The GSC evolved from a simple local security service to a galactic command force with its own fleets & ground armies. Though all of its success proved to be the hidden, yet obvious clue, for Mandalore to discover who the Softglos truly were. Though, for now, Tenaden would continue on, living his life as a baker's apprentice in a little town on Dantooine, despite being the young Commander of the GSC, he seemed to enjoy the simple life for now.

One day, an unusual customer enters the shop. Marvel, the old & bearded baker whom Tenaden served under, greeted him as usual, though was put off a little by the shrouded & hooded figure of the large man's build. Tenaden was in the back, flouring some pastries, when he felt uneasy. Marvel tried conversing with the cloaked man a few times, though he simply stood there with his arms folded. After a few moments, Tenaden emerges from the back. The arms of the cloaked man unfold, & est on his hips as he turns his head to look at Tenaden. Marvel looks back as well, & then to the man again, before stepping aside.

"Friend of yours...?" Marvel asks Tenaden, who says nothing in return as he carefully approaches the counter. There was an eerily long moment of silence between Tenaden & the cloaked man - a growing tension, pressuring a fragile & invisible glass wall between them that would seem to be on the verge of shattering into an explosive conflict of spontaneity. After what would seem like a millenia crammed inside of two minutes, the cloaked figure explodes with fury as he draws a terrifyingly designed Lightsaber with a beautiful crimson blade as his body smokes with a black & purple power. The man launches the Lightsaber through the chest of Marvel, who falls on top of the blade, carving his body in half from the point at which the blade entered, allowing the newly carved halves of his brain to slide onto the floor. The Lightsaber slowly hovers back to the man's hand, & Tenaden's eyes lighten up with a rage. From his boot he produces a small baton, which would suddenly extend into a quarterstaff at the press of a button. The cloaked man leaps up onto the table, & with a hissing & deep tone, he says, "Face me, if thou art without fear!" The man then slashes down at Tenaden who parries the blow, successfully repelling the blow with the cortosis weave of his quarterstaff.

"Hm," the man says deeply with a grin. Tenaden then flips up onto the counter to meet the cloaked man, who towers over him by nearly two feet. The battle then ensues! Tenaden strikes low at the man's feet with a spin, quickly turning to slash again at towards his head. The man parries the first low strike, & then whacks away the second movement of Tenaden's strike with the bracer on his wrist, creating a flash of purple lightning as he does so, which cracks across Tenaden's face. The young man grunts in pain but strikes again, attempting to kick the man in the chest. The cloaked man easily counters the attack, uppercutting Tenaden's leg with a punch, fracturing his femur in an instant. Tenaden cries out in agony as he collapses onto the counter. The cloaked man then lifts him up with the Power of the Force, & sends him flying through the back wall of the bakery. Tenaden smashes against the refrigerator door, & falls to the ground, still holding his quarterstaff as he gasps for air. The cloaked man emerges through the dust, the menacing sound & look of his Lightsaber being the only thing Tenaden can look to for now. The cloaked man approaches Tenaden, a menacing roll to his shoulders as he raises his Lightsaber, preparing to perform the final blow. Though, with a roar of pain & courage, Tenaden forces himself to his feet, & just as the cloaked man slashes forth, Tenaden dodges the blow, & swipes the edge of his quarterstaff against the face of the man. The man's hood flies backwards, & reveals the man underneath to be a Pure Blooded Sith. A bleeding gash lies pulsating across his face from the strike of Tenaden, who has now fallen to the ground in agony, defeated.

Though with a grunt followed by smile, the Sith speaks while deactivating his lightsaber: "Fought like a true Mandalorian. The time has come for this potential thou posses & have tasted, to be unhinged." The Sith then lifts Tenaden from the ground, & exits the bakery through the back door, just as the local Law Enforcement charges through the front door.

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02.02.2013 , 03:09 PM | #3
Prologue: (Pt. III)

Tenaden awakens in a dark room - tinted with red lights, & shadows fading seamlessly into the black walls, it is difficult to see. He sits up on the bed where he was placed and looks around. Not before long, he realizes that his wounds have been healed, he feels no pain. Though he does feel great comfort; a false sense of safety, perhaps. He looks to the nightstand at his side, & finds his quarterstaff to be sitting on its surface. Just as he goes to reach it, the steel door to the small room slides open with a loud & startling shriek, & the Sith stands before Tenaden in the doorway.

"Supper is ready," the Sith says deeply. He then slides the door closed again, & before Tenaden can even realize how frightened he was to see the Sith again, the Sith vanished. Tenaden retrieves his quarterstaff & slips it away in his boot once again, & then heads to the door. The amount of effort it took to open the door caught Tenaden off guard, for at first he effortlessly attempted to slide it open. Through quite a struggle he barely manages to open the door half-way, so he is forced so slip through & then let the door slam back closed as he regains his footing. Tenaden then finds himself in a long red hallway, with torches flaming with a dark purple energy lining the walls. Though the corridors are long, just thirty feet down range in either direction, the distance of sight Tenaden could see would fade into a fog of complete blackness. Tenaden chose to travel down to the left, & as he progressed, he watched the door to his room fade away into the dark. He rounded a corner of the hallway, & then after what seemed like an eternity, he arrived to another door. At first he wants to open it, but instead he knocks three times. Upon the third knock the door quickly slides open & again startles Tenaden, & he takes a step back. Before him is a large dining room, a diamond in shape, with five steps leading down to the center area, where a long diamond-shaped table would sit. At the other end of the table, gracefully enjoying a fresh meal of steaming meats & dewy fruits, is the Sith. He looks up to Tenaden through the doorway after it opened, & he stands. With his right hand he elegantly waves over the table & speaks with his deep & nearly seductive tone,


So Tenaden does so, sheepishly entering the dining room & sitting down a chair at the opposite end of the Sith, who joins Tenaden soon thereafter & continues his meal. Tenaden's heart races beneath his chest, his face tingles with nervousness & his palms sweat. A few short moments later, a protocol droid enters the room & places a hearty meal before Tenaden. The droid retreats into the darkness & says not a word, while Tenaden sits & observes the meal, unsure of what do it. After another moment, the Sith again speaks, though does not avert his gaze from his meal,

"Eat - the strength is needed."

Tenaden swallows, & then slowly begins to eat the meal with the provided utensils. His eyes widen a bit when the savory deliciousness of the meal surprises his senses, & he then eats more hungrily, seeming to forget where he is for a short while. After he finishes, inside of a few minutes, he looks back up across the table. The Sith waits, his elbows perched on on the table & his hands folded before his lips as he stares across the way at Tenaden. The young man looks back with fear, unsure if he had broken a ceremony & offended the Sith. He then starts to speak, making an aired-out noise as he tries to convey his message, but his voice fails, & he falls silent.

"This way," The Sith states, & then stands to heads off into the blackness behind him. Tenaden follows, hearing the pitter-patter of the metal feet of the protocol droid returning again to clear the table as he leaves. Tenaden exits the dining room & enters yet another corridor. He walks a bit slow, his boots thudding lightly upon the marble floor. By a force unseen he is guided through the hallways, turning left, then right, & left again, & the hallway begins to expand into a spectacular atrium, with flying buttresses lining the ceilings & pews throughout the great room, which soon reveals to be some sort of cathedral. As Tenaden walks down the red carpet which lies between the pews & among the now obsidian floor, he sees the Sith standing before an altar atop three steps.

"The Dark Side," the Sith begins, lifting his right hand as a smokey black energy radiates around his palm & fingers, before letting it return to his side. "The Light Side," he says afterwards, & this time he lifts his left hand, with a ball of cyan-whiteness radiating in the middle of his grasp, & then vanishing with a poof. "Thou must master both to conquer this demon - to conquer thy own, demons. Though there nay is a calling for the in between - the Middle Way is all to be said of it."

Tenaden ponders for a moment, & with the best courage he can muster, he speaks with a broken & trembling voice, "Why me?"

"For thou art the Arbiter," the Sith quickly retorts. "The Arbiter of the Force - thou must evolve if there is to be hope again for thy blood. The Curse grows as thee do. As thy power gains, so too does the Curse - & just as equal. When the time of fate arrives for thee, alone must thee face this titan - but first, many personal titans do I sense thou must defeat."

Tenaden struggles to understanding the twisting riddles of the Sith, but after a moment the epiphany arrives, "Mandalore.." Tenaden says. The Sith then nods, & explains further, "Qor-q'Lepton is who I am - though from this point & further, thou shalt address me as 'Master.'"

Tenaden sighs lightly, & bows his head, seeing the only possible out in acceptance - for now. "Yes, Master," he says. An unknown feeling flooding his soul, the circumstances seem so correct, though he is unsure whether or not he should trust this reckoning. Though, such things come at their own pace, & there is no need to rush them. So he believes in himself, & this twist of fate, & this Sith - & his new life truly begins.

"An ample number of years we have naught, Tenaden Viperfang. We must begin," the Sith states. "Which means we cannot hold to unlock thy sensitivity to the mystery that is the Force - is must be done now. Thou hast faced agony before - but those memories shall become tickles from a feather after this first moment, though fear not, it shall be the first & the last, so long as thou keepeth this connection alive."

Tenaden nods & approaches the Sith, who suddenly lifts him up & lays him down onto the altar. With the Sith's clawed hands, like talons, he tears open Tenaden's tunic, exposing his chest. The Sith then places his left thumb onto Tenaden's forehead, & his opposite palm onto Tenaden's chest, & the awakening began

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02.03.2013 , 06:37 PM | #4
Here is a picture of Qor-q'Lepton the Aberrant, for those who would like to put a face to the Sith.

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02.10.2013 , 12:33 PM | #5
Prologue: (Pt. IV)

A vicious crackling of red & blue lightning explodes outwards from Lepton's touch upon Tenaden's chest & forehead. The young man screams out in agony as his mind is thrown into a world of chaos & agony; his chest feeling as if it is on fire convulses violently. He arches his back & thrashes about, desperately trying to escape the torturous procedure. Lepton does not waver - his focus is unfailing as he closes his eyes & concentrates greatly. The energy being released from this power reaches out & shatters windows of the room, cracks the marble ground, & crumbles the wooden pews to ash. Tenaden's ears & nose begin to bleed - his eyes go bloodshot & his irises turn to a fiery red. Relentlessly he cries out, the pores of his flesh begin to steam & his body tightens up.

"Awaken," Lepton says with a growl. "Fight - resist," he says. "Triumph!" Tenaden's muscles flex, the rage of agony in his cries escalate, & finally, after ten long & absolutely brutal minutes, Tenaden breaks free. With his right hand, Tenaden forms a fist & slashes it over to Lepton, with a trail of thunderous lightning flowing alongside it. The fist strikes Lepton & sends him flying backwards for thirty feet. The Sith flips backwards & lands on his feet, & draws his Lightsaber as he looks up to the awakened man. Tenaden slides off of the altar, his body radiating with an aura of both deep red & blue.

Lepton calls out, "Use thy rage, Viperfang! Control thy spirit! Command it to greatness by allowing it to roam free under your watchful eye!"

At that, Tenaden charges forward, sprinting at a blinding speed towards Lepton. With a roar, Tenaden leaps up with a spin & launches a kick towards the Sith, who dodges underneath it with a spin of his own, & upon turning again to meet Tenaden, he slashes diagonally with his Lightsaber to Tenaden's back. With a shining ward of white light, Tenaden grasps the blade in his hand as he turns back; following this, he takes his other hand & uses the Force to push Lepton back again. The Sith uses the momentum to his advantage & allows himself to fly up to the ceiling & grabs hold of a chandelier. He swings it back & forth a few times by shifting his weight, & then jumps through a broken window & vanishes outside of the room. Tenaden grunts, & leaps up to the chandelier & follows the Sith.

Outside, Tenaden takes notice of his surroundings - the strange fortress on which he now stands atop of is located in the middle of a vast & seemingly unending ocean, with nothing in sight but the clouds in the sky, & the distant storms which conjure massive waves and bolts of lightning, which can be heard several moments after the sound finally carries across the sea. The sun is hot & humid, & before Tenaden can fully gather his bearings, the silhouette of Lepton comes flying towards him as it blots out the sun. Tenaden rolls backwards just before Lepton's strike can reach him, & the blade of the Sith's Lightsaber pierces the roof. Lepton quickly retrieves the blade, & swings back at Tenaden three times: from right to left in a downwards slash, & then tracing it back sideways, & then quickly lifting it over his head for a quick cleave. Tenaden dodges the first strike with a step back, & the second with an acrobatic display of athleticism when he arches backwards & pushes himself back up to a stand with his fingers a few feet back. The cleave however, he failed to parry - it strikes the front of his left thigh as he attempts to jump back again, & instantly incinerates a large gash from his leg. He falls down with a grunt of agony, but wastes no with complaints. He rolls over in an attempt to flee, Lepton following close behind. The Sith throws his Lightsaber towards Tenaden, but in a split second of perfect timing, the young man leaps up & spins three times on his side in mid-air, & just as the third spin completes, he grabs hold of the hilt of the Lightsaber as tightly as he can. Lepton pulls the Lightsaber back, & Tenaden along with it, who has managed to point the blade directly at Lepton. With a Force Push of his own, Lepton throws Tenaden off of the roof & sends him barreling towards the sea, & in the process Lepton recovered his Lightsaber after Tenaden dropped it at the force of the impact.

Tenaden gathers his balance, & dives into the sea just after he creates a bubble around his nose & mouth with the Force. Before long, he watches Lepton dive into the warm & clear blue waters after him, his crimson Lightsaber instantly bringing the liquid around its blade to a boil. Lepton charges through the water towards Tenaden, his Lightsaber spearheading the assault. Lepton then begins to spin forward wildly, turning himself into a whirling ball with the blade of his Lightsaber nearing Tenaden rapidly. The young man retreats backwards as quickly as he can, swimming further into the depths of the ocean & nearing a grassy reef. He heads inside of the reef, attempting to hide within the labyrinth of the living structure. The water becomes colder, & his view blackens, with only pockets of light leading to the openings of the reef visible. As he continues inside, he heads for an opening about twenty feet away. Just as he reaches it, he sees Lepton swing down in front of him & slash at the top of the reef, causing the exit to cave in. Tenaden recedes & quickly continues on through the reef, buffering or dodging the waves of Force energy which Lepton sends whirling through the caverns of the Reef, & crumbles all of Tenaden's escape routes in the process. Though upon he lessening avenues for escape, Tenaden sees a glowing orange light coming from one of the few remaining passable tunnesl within the reef. He swims towards it, & it leads to a massive opening into a dome-shaped area with a pit of magma at the very bottom, with a spire in the center of it, & a crystal formation at the top of the spire.

Tenaden already can feel the heat from the molten rock from his position, so he attempts to retreat once more. Though just as he turns to exit, the reef before him expldoes & sends him hurdling towards the pit of the dome as Lepton swims towards him yet again. The heat begins to sear his back, but he holds his breath as well as his concentration, & he manages to slow his decent, & swim back up to Lepton. The Sith forms a large orb or Force power with a clashing spark of lightning inside of it. Lepton hurls the orb towards Tenaden, who manages to divert the orb's course by shoving it aside when he pushed more water towards it. The orb crashes into a corner of the dome & the lightning escapes from it with a crackling explosion. Tenaden swims off to the side of the dome & punches through its side, & vanishes before Lepton is able to catch up. Lepton follows & scans the open sea, trying to find Tenaden again. Just long minute thereafter, from the mouth of a dark cave far below, Tenaden comes racing out from the depths while riding atop a Sando Aqua Monster! The beast roars as it charges towards the wall of the dome. Lepton grins, knowing that he has been bested, & he swims back up to the surface. Tenaden guides the sea creature further, & crashes it through the wall of the dome. The sea creature shrieks in terror & pain as it is buried with the spilling lava, & just as it is, Tenaden leaps from it & smashes through the crystal formation & retrieves the Lightsaber which has been revealed to be in the center of it. He kicks off from the Sando as it sinks further into the magma, & he safely exits through the reef.

He swims back to the fortress, & around to the front of it, where there is a beach. Slowly he treads up through the surf, & collapses onto a knee with utter exhaustion. Though just before he is about to collapse onto the sand, a hand reaches down in front of his face. He looks up & sees Lepton standing before him with a reassuring yet nearly invisible smile. Tenaden takes his hand & is lifted up to his feet. Lepton pats Tenaden's bare chest & says,

"Well done. Soon thy fate shell be brought up on thee."

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02.18.2013 , 06:30 PM | #6
Prologue: (Pt. V)


(The track "Dha Werda Verda" in the forum MP3 Player will fit this part of the story nicely)

Mandalore the Triumphant walks about the compound; a jungle paradise easily conceals the camouflaged walls & structure of the large base on Dxun, as well as the warm rains & misty fogs. With his shining armor of silver & a light green, he walks with a heavy roll to his shoulders across the damp grass & through the slick mud. He swipes a finger across the touchscreen of his Datapad, reviewing a few logs as he approaches a bonfire in the middle of the compound, which is surrounded by the nine top-ranking Clansmen of Clan Ivoryfist. The Nine stand at attention as Mandalore finally arrives, & he looks up from his Datapad & beings:

"Today marks the day, when a number of years into the past, we struck a mighty blow against the Cowardice of the Viperfangs, or as they were known then, the 'Softglos...'" The rest of the Clansmen silently chuckle as Mandalore forms quotation marks with his fingers & speaks the name in a mocking manner before continuing - "Should Tenaden not arrive by sundown, on the morrow we will embark on our mission to hunt him down and complete his dishonor. So rest well, everyone, for tonight we have nothing to worry abou-"

Just before Mandalore can finish, a figure falls from the canopy of the trees above. The man slams into the bonfire & with the power of the Force he explodes the flames & logs out in all directions, sending The Nine flying backwards. As the flames curl around an invisible orb with which the man conjures up to protect himself, he begins to step closer to Mandalore. From his waist the man grasps his Lightsaber, designed with a vicious-looking hilt, & he ignites it, revealing an orange blade with a black core. After this, the man then pulls the hood on his green robes, & the face of Tenaden is revealed. A strong face with handsome features, a soft brown beard flowing gently from his chin, & piercing eyes of pure gold in color. With a confident grin on his lips, Tenaden looks to Mandalore, who stands only ten feet before him now, & speaks,

"Ye have plenty to worry about, wee laddie."

Mandalore exhales deeply in a rage at the words and he points to Tenaden, "The only thing I have to worry about is restraining myself from planting too many cracks within your skull, fool!"

Tenaden then calmly deactivates his Lightsaber & retorts, "Then come, mighty Tilung, declare your duel!"

"Dawn, on the morrow, the Misty Cliffs. No armor, no magic, no weapons - just fist & foot. We fight to the death."

"Sleep well, Tilung. You will need it."

At that Tenaden turns & recedes to the jungle, leaving Mandalore to assist The Nine in recovering from the blow that was struck. A restless night beholds Tilung as he sleeps, internally versing himself between confidence & the fear of somehow losing to Tenaden, & having his title of Mandalore being stripped away from him. Though just above the compound, in the canopies, Tenaden sleeps soundly in a hammock made of vines, confident with his strength & prowess which will serve him in the battle to come. At dawn of the next day, Tenaden heads to the Misty Cliffs. A place on Dxun where mighty plateaus of granite & shale overlook a massive valley of the jungle, with vast mountain ranges off in the far distance. Tenaden knew exactly where to proceed - The Footsteps of the Taung - a small & flat slate of rock, shrouded by jungle, but exits to a sheer drop of the Misty Cliffs. It lies with a waterfall close by, gently spraying a mist over the surface of the rock; beyond the valley reaches, is a River Crystal, which is fed by the waterfall. In the far distances are the mountain ranges, & clouds of thunderstorms spraying their fury upon the moon.

Tenaden walks through the bush & arrives to the Footsteps of the Taung, wearing naught but a loin cloth - there he meets Tilung, dressed as the same. Tilung has a sharp, almost rocky complexion. His aged face & his slicked-back hair of silver glow with an ever-lasting strength. Tenaden takes his position facing Tilung - fifteen feet apart, with their backs to the jungles, & the drop of the plateau to Tenaden's right & Tilung's left. No words proceed them, only action - emotion speaks through the ceremonious movements, as well as forms of communication which no words could ever describe. They each take a bow, a left fist below the right hand, with all fingers extended upwards & together. After this, they take their stances - Tilung sports a basic stance, his legs separated & solid, his fists raised high. Tenaden forms into a much different stance - his left leg extended outwards, completely straight, with his opposite leg crouched & placed solid behind him; his fists are at a medium height, his right by his chest & the left is lower, at the height of his abdominal section.

A long, eerie moment of silence sloths along - the two men staring into one another's soul as the noisy soundtrack of the jungle echos around them. Just as Tilung finally begins to make the first attack, Tenaden says, "Your move," & stops Tilung in his tracks, nearly tripping over himself, not expecting the taunt. A bead of sweat trickles down the side of his head, & Tenaden smirks, & charges forward!

Tenaden throws a hook towards Tilungs head, & in his imbalance, it strikes him directly on the temple. Tilung grunts as he staggers backwards, unable to gain his footing before Tenaden places his hands over his neck & knees him several times in the gut. Tenaden then lifts up Tilgun's head by his hair, & punches him square in the face three times, breaking his nose with a bloody snap. Though before Ten can strike a fourth blow, Tilung blocks the attack with his wrist & shoves Tenaden back as he stands. He fights back furiously, throwing punches high & low, & spinning kicks towards Tenaden's head & sides. Ten is able to parry a few, but a punch lands into his gut, & a kick strikes over his head, knocking him dizzy for a moment. In the daze, Tilung tackles Tenaden to the ground, wrapping his arms around Ten's waist, & then flipping Tenaden over, smashing his head into the ground. Tilung flips over & mounts Tenaden's back as he lay there, & smashes his face many times onto the granite. Tenaden manages to roll over underneath Tilung & strike back, landing a fist onto Tilung's broken nose once more. Blood pours from his nostrils as he grunts & falls backwards. Tenaden rises to his feet once more, & again charges forth. With a right & then a left hook, Tenaden strikes swiftly, followed by a jumping knee into Tilung's gut, & as he staggers back, Tenaden uses the momentum to then kick upwards, still in flight, at Tilung's chin. Tilung steps backwards, doing his best to brace the impact, & using the momentum to roll backwards & throw himself back up to his feet.

Before Tilung can react, Tenaden is again unleashing his fury upon he; a left hook across Tilung's face followed by a right uppercut to his chin, & then a roundhouse kick across his neck sends Tilung flying to the ground. Tilungs grunts as he flips back up to his feet, & counters - he strikes towards Tenaden with a a double spinning high-kick, with only the first being parried; the seconds lands a vicious strike onto Tenaden's shoulder & staggers him. Tilung then kicks low towards Tenaden's femur, & punches his waist, popping the ball from its socket for a moment with a horrendous snap, & then stikes his weakened shoulder. Tenaden shreaks with agony, & then strikes back with a swift & pointed blow to Tilung's arm. Tilung grunts for a moment & takes a step back, though smirks a bit, "That a tickle?" he asks, to which Tenaden replies, "That was a nerve bundle in your deltoid - it might not have heard, but ye won't be moving that arm for a while."

Tilung's eyes widen as he then realizes his left arm has gone limp, but he attempts to strike back nonetheless. He leaps forth with a roar, punching downwards at Tenaden's face & clawing above his eye. It was not a severe blow, but it was just the right kind of strike to cause a profuse & vision-obscuring amount of bleeding. Tenaden is forced to squint his left eye shut as the blood covers it, & during his the time he is impaired, Tilung knees him in the chest & then kicks him backwards several feet to the ground. Tenaden manages to use the momentum & spin himself back to a stand. He grunts & sprints again to Tilung. He strikes three times with his right, & then an uppercut, all the blows pounding onto Tilung's face. Tilung desperately attempts to parry the following strikes, though in the process of trying to grasp Tenaden's wrists, Tenaden smashes his forehead against Tilung's, & send him flying back with a cry of agony. Tenaden grabs hold of Tilung's arm as he falls, & holds it tight before kicking Tilung's side with all his might, snapping the arm from its socket.

Tilung roars out with agony, his cries echoing across the valley; though he brings himself around, & in a last act of fight - & also dishonor - Tilung produces a dagger from seemingly out of nowhere. With it he thrusts the blade through Tenaden's gut four times before tossing him aside, & kicking him across the rock towards the cliff edge. The ground becomes slick with Tenaden's blood as it pours from his body; Tilung then kicks Tenaden off the edge of the cliff, but Ten manages to grab hold of a vine. Tilung crouches down & begins to cut the vine from the shale, though as he does so, Tenaden lassos up another vine & tosses it around Tilung's neck. With a heave, he pulls Tilung over the edge. Though in the process, Tilung grabs hold of Tenaden's foot. Tenaden scowls, & plants his other foot onto Tilung's forehead,

"Perish with dishonor! You are beaten!" With that, Tenaden uses his feet to snap the neck of Tilung, & watches his limp body fall into the misty haze of the jungle canopy several hundred feet below. Tenaden cringes, his grip fading as well as his consciousness. His hand fails him, & he releases the vine. Not before falling a foot, another hand grasps his wrist & breaks his fall - Tenaden looks up, nearly his entire body covered with blood, & just as his vision fades, he sees Lepton above him,

"Come, Mandalore - thou hast many a task ahead of thee. Bleeding is nay one of them."

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Well that does it for these Prologues. The rest of the story will be taking place in-game! Some of our RP will even expand to other Star Wars games such as Empire At War! (& FoC if enough people have it).

Though, for the IG events, I will be writing reviews of them as a story & posting them here. Of course they most likely will not be as extensive as the Prologues, you'd have to join us to get the full experience! x)