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Questions about Starwars speices

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Questions about Starwars speices

Huttchew's Avatar

01.27.2013 , 06:40 AM | #11
As for the intelligent species, there are some that do hyperspace calculation from their head (everyone else has to use astrogation computers to do this) among them are the Givin and a couple of others

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01.27.2013 , 01:00 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by amnie View Post
I personally have a little kink for male chiss, does that count?
these red eyes, they stare right into your soul, I tell you
That kinda gave me an idea for a theme song for my female Chiss Jedi Knight Shavere and comparably cute daughter of my Imperial Agent Shara. INXS - Devil Inside. spotify:track:3r2Tau6Obzzc1Nvrn7Gg4j

Without wanting to give spoilers - may I ask kindly whether you have ever played a female chiss Imperial Agent to Hoth? Let's just say that Shavere's father is not a character I had to think of completely myself.

amnie's Avatar

01.27.2013 , 09:00 PM | #13
nope, she's only on Taris... but you got me waaaay curious now. hehe.