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Keybind or Clicky Clicky?

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01.25.2013 , 02:42 PM | #31
For Healing, key binding is the single most effective way of increasing your healing effectiveness. Unless you are able to move your mouse like a South Korean playing Starcraft, key binding is much more effective. You can get away with clicking in hard mode flashpoints, but you will have problems in the tougher operations like HM TFB and NiM EC
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01.25.2013 , 03:11 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by bbare View Post
, but you will have problems in the tougher operations like HM TFB and NiM EC
No I don't.

I am not saying keybinding isn't the way for most people to go, I am just saying I AM BETTER with a HYBRID-SYSTEM of using both. I know I am not the greatest healer, I am still learning, but I do know enough to be able to read combat logs and tell which one shows more hps and more heals applied. Either way I do it, I am more than adequate to heal any 8 man content in game.

I have only done a couple 16 man runs, but I am actually tempted to agree with the keybinding augment in that case. Last time we did nightmare pilgrim, it did seem faster and easier to use keybinds for heals. So that was what I did. Other times we did 16 man were HMEV and we only used two healers, but it was such a joke mainly did dps, but I still could see how that number in ops frames would be easier to do using keybindings. So I stand somewhat corrected, it is just with 8 and my set up, it is not take 1 or 2 seconds to click twice.

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01.25.2013 , 03:13 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by todorovh View Post
Makes you laugh ? How much of the content have you cleared ? 8 man/ 16 man ? what guild are you in ?
Only thing I haven't done/tried is NiM EC,
Cleared all other content, and currently in HM TFB.
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edited: *haven't

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01.26.2013 , 07:34 AM | #34
Well thx evry1. I kinda knew that binding is the most efficient method for vast majority. Someone mentioned start a new toon and learn from scratch. This is prob. what ill do. I wana change with my current toon but thats the hard and scary part. Old habits.
But thankz alot 2 all for speaking up.

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01.27.2013 , 08:42 AM | #35
I guess I'm hybrid keybind/clicker type as I utilize both. I'm quite comfortable with my play style and believe I get the job done equally if not better than most others that I have played with

And yes I'm a healer who heals thru all content to include NiM EC. And I'm usually the highest healer of the 8/16man clears for HM TFB/NiM EC (to include healers in group who argue the fact they are clickers they are better - yet they haven't toppled me yet). Do what you are comfortable with as your play style, forget what others try to indoctrinate and claim as factual (because they say so information) There is no factual/scientific proof that one is greater than the other as far as SWTOR is concerned. It is holistically based on the "Human" operator of said input devices (to which are varying factors to begin with as different hardware plays part) and their abilities that not everyone is equal/capable and there is no level playing field to make any factual/scientific states as such, unless we are all using the same brain, same muscles, same body and same hardware to evaluate and create a baseline for analysis.

And you don't have to be a South Korean on Starcraft, its called quick reflexes/responses.

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01.27.2013 , 09:54 AM | #36

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01.27.2013 , 10:04 AM | #37

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01.27.2013 , 10:36 AM | #38
A pure clicker will NEVER be able to play a melee character as well as a keybinder when it comes to fights that require heavy movement or PvP. When it comes to ranged classes, clicking is much more viable in PvE thanks to heavy reliance on cast times and channeled abilities over instant abilities and abilities off the GCD. In PvP mobility is king though.

Over all keybinding is far more efficient, but based on some individuals that's not always the case.
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01.27.2013 , 10:41 AM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by Jadescythe View Post
It's easy to see people who don't keybind when they slowly rotate one way or the other because mouse turning is unavailable. Can you be effective without keybinding? As a sorc healer, yes, but you'll still be better if not clicking. The time you lose moving from ops frame to clicking the ability alone is a loss of 1-2 seconds per heal. These are the people eating green circles in the second phase of DG, not getting out of red circles fast enough on NiM T&Z, etc because they can't click and pay attention to mechanics at the same time.

If all you are going to run is HM FPs and some SM Ops then fine, but if you want to progress further and not be carried you'll have to start keybinding.

Fascinating stuff.

Do tell me what you think I've done in pve and elaborate more on how carried I am.

Also what is this keyboard turning you speak of...

I don't really give one for what anyone else does since its the output that matters and confidence in your own character control is always the main thing.
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01.27.2013 , 10:51 AM | #40
I am genuinely interested in seeing a video of a clicker healer performing successfully, meaning topping meters and breezing through Kephess on NiM, because I simply cannot fathom someone clicking individual raid frames and then also clicking healing abilities, while being constantly on the move (or having the potential to move), on top of that being able to turn 90 degrees in a split-second (without keyboard turning, of course), not to mention that personally, as an Operative healer, I usually resort to DPS-ing (such as blowing Orbital Strike when occasion arises), not to mention the fact that as a full clicker you simply cannot, as a marauder, constantly circle your target and execute your dps rotation in a timely manner ... I am also interested why someone would handicap himself/herself so much when the alternative is clearly superior if you wish to gain every advantage full keybinding playstyle offers you. Mainly using the mouse for moving your character - left button for clicking raid frames, certain targets (like quickly selecting warrior trandoshan at Kephess), right button for quick and efficient moving ... even more functionality if you have Naga, etc. and then using keybinds for quick and efficient selection and execution of your abilities means that you are effectively dividing the tasks of your character's performance between your left and right hand, producing maneuverability unmatched in mere clicking.

As a full clicker, as I mentioned above regarding to melee dps, you cannot execute your barrage of abilities while constantly circling the target (literally going 360 around the target while performing your dps rotation without any hindrance). You might say that constantly circling the target is nonsensical; however, this extreme case clearly illustrates that making your peformance depend entirely on clicking makes you immobile to a certain degree. Also a peculiar case, I am usually charged with dpsing the droids at Operator IX HM when they're trying to interrupt the channelers. As an Op healer, I have an array of melee abilities at my disposal, and at that moment stunning the droids, circling around them quickly to backstab and slow them down, not to mention throwing occasional heals around the players, cannot be performed effectively with clicking only.

To be honest, I am not in the least surprised there are two threads going on concerning clickers on these forums right now and that so many defend this inferior playstyle and that said people have neither experienced WoW raiding progression nor Arena PvP. After a whole year seeing all sorts of dribble and terrible performance from a wide variety of players, and the fact that this game offers very few challenges (if any) this type of "clicker apology" comes as no surprise. The fact is in this game, at least on the general level, clickers can perform adequately through basically every type of content available, their playstyle in this game offers no change in perspective, only further encouragement, and that is why many will flock to this notion that "clicking vs. keybinds" is merely a matter of taste.

It is also extremely depressing seeing that we have to start explaining such basic facts here. SWTOR sure lags behind the times, I believe these "clicker vs. keybind" threads in WoW were popular about five years ago.