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What the hell just happened - lost 3 hours of progress

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What the hell just happened - lost 3 hours of progress
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

_Fischkopf_'s Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:46 PM | #11
Good work Bioware ... maybe you get your **** straight the next time before you release anything as big as an mmo .... from the beginning up until now only problems, bad decisions, and pure ********. Now when I thought you had atleast SOME problems sorted out i get rickrolled back 3 hours. GOOD WORK! You are still creative when it comes to inventing new bugs and ******** ideas.

And anyone telling me that a rollback after server down can happen ... yeah but the server worked pretty normally up until the sudden disconnect and instant rollback. THATS a world first, and the award goes to, Bioware. GJ!

Halabit's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:47 PM | #12
What is enough is enough. This is not the first time , this is xxx time you do this for Red Eclipse.

You cost me like 3h of my life. I have to do now again on my alt all Alderan datacrons from start plus finish all Alderan storyline missions.

This only happens on Red Eclipse , I had a feeling that "megaservers" was just a PR for merging servers and its true. This are ordinary server from launch and this just shows they cant handle so much online people at one time as they couldn't do it in launch.

Do something about it or make a new server. I love 1 pve server but if you gonna do rollbacks once per week ( sometime there was twice ) then really I don't know what to say about you being proffesional and ear your pay.

Also where are peeps from EA Ireland on this forums , I don't see anyone , there was once EU CM that posted one message (before launch) how he gonna be there for us EU peeps and I didn't saw him again. If EU staff don't do their job as they should just move all server to USA or well do what you have to do.

Weltmacht's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:47 PM | #13
3 hours well spent *sarcastic clap*

HellCrusader's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:48 PM | #14
Not happy, that'll teach me to play for extended periods on a game I've paid money for.
Expecting an answer asap.
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ChrisPilko's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:49 PM | #15
What the hell? Red Eclipse just reset 3 hours. I hope that this gets solved! 3 hours wasted! All of my Tatooine holocrons are now waiting to get again - that f-ing balloon!!
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Gyurexxx's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:50 PM | #16
Thanks Bioware, it is really time to cancel the subscription...
Time is money for us too...
Last month here...

Quintessent's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:51 PM | #17
Ok I'm very very angry. Just lost over 3 hours, was right as the last fight with Darth Malgus on Fallen Emperor.

Lost 10 Daily Comms, 6 Tionese Crystals, HK Weapons Protocol, HK Power Core, 2 level 50 purple enhancement, and two level 50 sets of purple Armour...... Not to mention the 30-40k credits ....

Bioware what are you going to do about this??? giant rollbacks are not a way to sort problems.

The_Hellhammer's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:52 PM | #18
I was actually thinking that this game is getting a bad rep for not so many reasons, but if this doesn't get refunded or compensated in SOME way - I'll know for sure that all those "haters" out there actually have a valid point.

Time is money and no one paid you to just erase three hours of progress for a whole damn server.

rouge_five's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:55 PM | #19
Farewell Colomi Bracers, it's been an honour serving with you.

Vigilanis's Avatar

01.22.2013 , 05:56 PM | #20
Yep spent the evening working on the 'click & wait' Crew Skills grind, quite enjoying it, then all of a sudden I go from over level 100 in all three to between 50 and 70, schematics I had found from RE have now gone....items I purchased gone....

Thanks for wasting my evening Bioware...I really enjoy working all day to come home and get kicked in the balls thanks
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