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Dont Receive Additional Monthly Cartel Coins

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Dont Receive Additional Monthly Cartel Coins
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IaminvisibleYES's Avatar

03.14.2014 , 01:48 AM | #741
Am i wrong to say its every 30 days you get your CC as a subscriber ?

I just subb for 6 months and its pass 30 days already and i have not received my monthly CC yet.

SinisterLink's Avatar

03.14.2014 , 11:52 PM | #742
Since the thread I created is getting no response and this one seems to be the Go-To for this issue...

As I posted below, I too am missing Cartel Coin payments...
I play this game every day and the last time I logged in and seen my subscription lapsed, I logged out and added another 60 day time card.
That was Dec 25th 2013.
Since then I have not received any cartel coin payments.

According to this:
If you are using a Game Time Card to pay for your subscription, your Cartel Coin Rewards for newly added cards will only be added to your Ledger and in-game wallet once your current active game time has elapsed. You will receive two Reward grants for each 60 day card, one on the first day the time added by that card becomes active, and the other 30 days later. Each grant will be of 525 Cartel Coins.
I should of received 1 payment when I added the new card and the next 30 days later.

All my ledger shows is 1 deposit of coins on Dec 25th when my previous time expired, and nothing since then.
In addition to the above, I added another 60 day time card to my account yesterday and immediately got my first deposit of coins however, I am still missing one or two deposits.

IaminvisibleYES's Avatar

03.15.2014 , 01:04 AM | #743
bump this thread please..

Any mods.. Im still not receiving my monthly CC..

unclecid's Avatar

03.15.2014 , 07:47 AM | #744
it truly is ridiculous that EA/BW is having such a long-lasting issue with its Game Time Cards.
i have always used them and as of Nov'13 i too joined the ranks of those affected by thus frustrating bug.
we really should not have to continually be bothered to call or submit tickets.
it makes no sense as to why they have not been able to fix this..its been affecting me for the past 5 months and longer for others.

unless....(puts on tinfoil hat) it is a devious scheme to discourage folks from using GTC and get a recurring sub.
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use this link as the first step
in creating a new account or logging back in to an existing account
and get either a Jumpstart or Preferred Bundle to help get ya going.

DarkLoickin's Avatar

05.04.2014 , 04:18 AM | #745
i've purchased a monthly subscription to this game for several months now and have received only one grant of cartel coins. What should i do?

Wolfofinfinity's Avatar

05.04.2014 , 05:02 AM | #746
I also had the two month sub, and I have one day of remaining subscription... I didn't get my monthly CC's when I subbed, and I didn't get it after 30 days either.

Memnochdrago's Avatar

05.04.2014 , 07:40 PM | #747
like everyone else Im not receiving my cartel coins. is there a fix?

Zannche's Avatar

05.05.2014 , 03:38 PM | #748
I still havnt got the May 4th cartel coins why is that im on a 3month subscription from March till July

GrandTzo's Avatar

05.15.2014 , 09:16 AM | #749
Hy! I didn't received monthly cartel coins, my subscription was renewed on May 13, 2014

Chinscream's Avatar

05.19.2014 , 01:10 PM | #750
Resubbed on the 15th. Four days later and still no monthly coins.