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Gunnery / Assault Hybrid (PVE)

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01.25.2013 , 06:50 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
Yes, all classes without a debuff gain damage when there is one.

But slightly more damage on grav rounds isn't the reason you fire grav rounds yourself, it's the massive buffs to damage it gives to FA, HiB and DR.

So it's a buffing attack.

Incendiary is another buffing attack but only if you go high enough in the Assault tree which that build does not.

So it's taking both buffing attacks but totally missing the point of both and proccing either nothing or wasting talent points.
He didn't post the exact spec but I figured it was an assault build that forgoes with AP in favor of grav round. So you're buffing everyone's damage (assuming no other armor debuff in the group) and the "only" thing you're missing from Assault is AP (I have no clue what the dmg% contribution of AP is so I don't know net effect on raid DPS). I would assume you take all the other PVE oriented talents in the assault tree, so what it buffs it still more or less buffs, or do you think he's running it in AP-cell?

Either way I think we both agree it's past the time when it's viable (again unless your raid NEEDS that armor debuff, but then I stand by full gunnery in that case).

The other spec isn't so bad since you use Grav Round to proc curtain of fire to reset HiB (same internal CD, but lower overall chance to proc IA). The akilles heel for that spec to me is still the ammo issues, though in practice it almost certainly will have even more weaknesses.
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