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01.20.2013 , 02:45 AM | #1
I crashed when clicking the datacron in Nar Shaddaa for the yellow matrix shard. I log back in and I received CODEX entry 34 (for the shard) but no shard. I can not access the datacron again, because I have the CODEX entry for it already. So I put in a ticket explaining that (ticket 7682746).

6 days and I finally get an answer that said in effect, since you never had the shard we cant give you another one. Fine. Submit another ticket (number 7765765). After 7 days, I get an answer that says in effect the other guy already told you that we cant give you a shard because you never got it to begin with.

Excuse me, but are all your people this dense? All they would have had to do is clear the CODEX entry and I could get the shard again myself. But since I have the CODEX entry, I can not access the datacron again, which PROVES I SHOULD HAVE HAD IT TO BEGIN WITH!!! (I have all 3 CODEX entries for yellow shards, 6, 34, and 86 but only 2 yellow shards. I explained all this. Its been 2 weeks since this started. 6 days to answer the first ticket and 7 more for the 2nd and the people answering them werent even versed enough with the game to know what I was asking for.

After 3 days of no response I cancelled my account. This was the straw that broke this camels back about this game. I was a tester. I was a founder. But no more. There is no excuse for customer service (heh) that is this bad. 13 days for an issue as minor as this (and the funny thing is the matrix cubes you give us for FREE in the PvP gear is better than the one that this makes which is truly the most stupid thing I ever heard of).

13 days of denial of a shard to make a cube that isnt as good as one that I have on. And lost a paying customer to boot. Good job.
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01.21.2013 , 01:42 AM | #2
I gather you went and got another slot decoder card to access this datacron again ?

Edit - Codex Entry Galactic History 34 is from the +3 cunning datacron where you get the slot decoder

Edit - Yellow Shard Codex is Galactic History 36: The Quarren-Mon Calamari War