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01.18.2013 , 01:22 PM | #1
Okay so I have done this and found it fun to try. You know those highly useless Valor attacks we can get via Legacy Bonus by pvping for a while? (valor 15 or 20 for all of them)

Who actually uses those? No one I know! So how about this. Let's whip those ******es out and make some fun with them.

Here is your challenge if you choose to accept it.

For Lvl 50s you have to run through the Normal Mode Esseles Flashpoint with no weapons equipped and can only use your Valor Attacks to defeat foes.
Companion use is C2-N2 since he can't equip weapons anyway but will be a healer for you. Special note on C2-N2. You can only use him for the boss fights in the flashpoint.
This is to be done solo.

Challenge for lower lvl players with Valor Attacks.
Still no weapons and only valor attacks.
You can take a full party with you. No one can use any attacks other than the Valor attacks. The healer can use heals as long as they do not have to equip a weapon to use any particular heal.
The only thing Tanks can use other than valor attacks is the taunts they get to pull agro.

For either lvl. No Medpac Consumables to be used but other buff items are permitted!

Good Luck and May The Donn Be With You!

NOTE: I have done this as a lvl 50 with C2-N2 and finished! Make sure you have some time to play because this could take a while.

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01.18.2013 , 03:16 PM | #2
That's kinda awesome. I wonder what the hardest thing you can do with a full group of people punching and kicking would be (you'd have to allow healers of course). Could you get through SM ops?

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01.18.2013 , 10:30 PM | #3
I've already done this, although not solo: I took a bunch of lowbies with me through the Black Talon and the Esseles on my Powertech and my Vanguard just for the Social Points. They couldn't believe it when they saw me using only fisticuffs. One-shotting normal mobs with my lvl 50s is a VERY fun time!
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01.18.2013 , 11:23 PM | #4
I havn't tried any SM Ops with this method nor planned to but why the heck not! Go for it! See what your ops can do by just punching foes to death!

Nothing is more manly than punching a Sith in the face and knocking them the funk out!