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A Memorial Service for Lieutenant Sylas...

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A Memorial Service for Lieutenant Sylas...

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12.20.2011 , 10:39 AM | #1
Let me first state that I've been playing the game since late spring, and I've played most classes, siding with the Imperials ultimately. One of my favorite NPC characters so far, and I've played content up to around 30 on most toons, but my favorite character so far is Lieutenant Sylas. Now let me also state that I haven't played a SW game since KOTOR2, and I haven't read a book since Kevin J. Anderson's Thrall series.

Getting back into the game and the lore and the history with this MMO has been a blast. I cannot, however, find any entry for Sylas in any 'pedias or online references. I like her personality, and I hope some how she is put in stasis and restored! Anyone have anything else on this gem of an NPC?