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pvp relics.

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01.16.2013 , 07:21 AM | #1
please give a static defense pve relic for daily marks or BH coms. The pve player dont realy want to pvp to get the relics but the pvp relics are simply too good to pass. The pvp crowd hate the pve "noobs" in their pvp WZ but when the pvp relics are this strong that will never change. 90% of all newlydinged pve players will do WZ to get pvp relics and the pvp crowd probably hates them when they do.

IŽll take the exact same stats pve minus the expertise as the top pvp relic. I dont need extra hp or power to make up the lost stats budget of expertise. Just give pve players the option of getting a solid fixed stat relic without having to pvp.

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01.16.2013 , 07:52 AM | #2
I like the activated relics, but I think there should be more variety, yes.

I think there should be activated pvp relics and static pve relics, so you can use whatever for both.
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01.16.2013 , 08:04 AM | #3
There used to be activate PvP relics but they took those out and changed them to static because it was creating imbalance. I don't expect them to reverse this.

Adding static PvE as an option is a good idea though.

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01.16.2013 , 08:09 AM | #4
For most tanks the dread guard ones are now the ones to get according to the wise people and i do agree.
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