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PVE raid support merc or PT

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PVE raid support merc or PT

Bakabat's Avatar

01.14.2013 , 10:26 PM | #1
Just wondering between Merc and PT which class has more utilities for raids.

ScytheEleven's Avatar

01.14.2013 , 10:40 PM | #2
I assume you're asking about DPS...because if it was Merc Heals vs Powertech Tank then well...that's a weird comparison to ask for

- Interrupt ability (30m, I believe).
- Can off-hand heal (but if they do it's a DPS loss, so w/e)
- Can cleanse themselves (very useful for 1st boss in TFB)
- Ranged, so they are typically away from nasty cleaves or melee AoE from bosses.
- If you are Arsenal spec'd, you put up armor reduction on enemies. That's always a plus!

Powertech DPS:
- Interrupt ability (4m)
- Taunt ability (useful for tanking Firebrands Incinerate move, for instance)
- Grapple (more useful than you might think, since you can "pull" any enemy that is CC'd and not break the CC, letting your teammates AoE the crap out of everything else).
- Mobile, mobile, mobile. You're going to be restricted to a 10m range, but everything is instant cast, and if you have to run away for some reason, you have Unload, Rapid Shots, and Rail Shot to at least keep you going somewhat.