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Hunting the Infiltrators (IC)

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02.10.2013 , 11:11 AM | #641
Stryfe looked at keeper after Sofia had left the room well keeper my suggestion for who should be keeping tabs on this Jedi and helping with the plan is not an agent but a smuggler who has already seen her and should be able to keep his intentions hidden from her he said calmly. Meanwhile viper was with doctor xarav who began her treatment now viper I'm going to ask you to close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice he said soothingly as she complied with his request good viper now I want you to take some deep breaths while picturing a serene forest with a sunny sky hidden by the forest canopy and the temperature is warm now when I count from ten you will begin to remember everything that has happened to you he said as he counted down but once he reached 1 the calmness viper felt was gone as all her memories flooded back including the torture mean put her through she began to scream loudly until all of the memories stopped and she awoke ugh what happened to me where is stryfe she asked with a hint of worry in her voice
desperate i return to you broken i return to you we circle over and over

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02.10.2013 , 11:56 AM | #642
Keeper stroked his beared, with finger as he ponder the suggestion. Can he be trusted, rember their is a sith involded. They don`t take kindly to failure, and I think alot trust will be need not to fail. Also since you will be serving under a sith, for know I am giving you a temporary promotion he empihise the word temporary, to let the agent know this was not perment promotion. To cypher, so you have the athority to do what the sith need`s you to do. You under stand though, I will demote you once the mission is over. Unless you prove worthy of the title, know you have a front man you need a fixer and a watcher. Choose them and then get started, and when your ready to start contact lord sofia. Rember your incharge of imperial intellgence part this, but she is in charge of you and the the mission. Do not be the fall guy, if she fails in her plan`s. So let her make the choice`s, you get them planed out. Know go and report back, when you have news. Cypher severn, move out. Keeper pointed to door as to say, well get a move on.
Mean while sofia has got back to her fury, and captain markus gave her some news We can get hold of the metal`s my lord, though you need more credits to purchase it. That and have it crafted for you, you may have to do some side jobs my`lord. Sofia wonder would she be aloud, to do a spot piracy to earn more money.

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02.10.2013 , 12:03 PM | #643
thank you sir stryfe said with a salute he then made his way to viper once he made it their viper ran over and hugged him tightly viper are you back he asked putting his arms around her I went somewhere she asked innocently stryfe just smiled its great to have you back viper he said holding her tightly
desperate i return to you broken i return to you we circle over and over

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02.10.2013 , 12:12 PM | #644
Dee Dee finally announced the results "No alcohol poisoning, just had Way too much too drink" Dee Dee began to move around again, "Well, that's good to hear." Favalia said smiling, "So, luckily for her. there won't be any stomach pumping." "Just no drinking for the rest of the night,"
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02.10.2013 , 12:38 PM | #645
The Tharl Legacy

Begeren Colony

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02.10.2013 , 01:28 PM | #646
Ah, I am quite glad she found it. You see the crystals I used in it were quite rare. Each i spent many months purifying and crafting into a manifestation of the light sight of the force. It is quite useful for amplifying several non combative aspects of the force. Including healing. But it also enhances the wielders combat abilities making them far more perceptive to their opponents emotions and thoughts. Quite a creation if I say so myself.

Once inside Kregans office the two sat down in chairs opposite each other. Now tell me. Why did you run shortly after Master Satevas death? It is commonly known that it was not your fault... He died trying to protect you and several others from the empire. There is nothing you could have done. Corin looked down at the floor a blank expression still covering her face.I was to weak to help. Isn't that obvious if it weren't for me.. Kregan interrupted sternly Then Satevas would still be dead and you along with him. you abandoned all that you were taught by Satevas and ran because you felt you were weak. That is not what he would have wanted.It is time to stop running from your short comings. You must trust in the force young one. A single tear fell from Corin as she looked up to Master Kregan. But that path.. I have strayed to far from it... I have done so many things in my absence from the order... How can they even begin to accept me back?

Hadock still sat staring blankly at the Kolto tanks containing Ravna and Merena a droid slowly walked towards him handing him a data pad with their information on it. Current scans indicate your wife is in stable condition even after all the wounds she sustained in the ship wreck on Naboo. Your sister however is in severe condition scans indicate an unknown toxin in her blood stream all tests have proven inconclusive as of yet but we are afraid it could be a advanced type of poison. We are doing everything we can sir. But there are no sure bets that she will make a recovery. Hadock looked blankly at the droid his mind still processing the information.

they are a bit far fetcehd but obtainable with the appropriate amount of work. the enforcer said quietly.

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02.10.2013 , 03:37 PM | #647
Mostly illegal. He retorted over the intercom.

That is quite an amazing achievement. But why did you make it, and how? I didn't know you could do such a purification.

Hmm. What do you think his plans are for those who helped him, and the galaxy? After he takes over I mean.
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02.10.2013 , 04:05 PM | #648
Kruso had left the cantina after the shooting and went to wait in the hangar. Soon enough, Koten and his team arrived with the ship. Happy to see them, he began approaching the landing ship when he heard the doors behind him jet open and several Mandalorians burst through, armed with rifles and assault cannons. Kruso Savik, you are under arrest for association with Clan Varad during their piracy runs in the Outer Rim their leader said. Kruso knew he couldn't talk out of this one, so he whipped out his blaster and began shooting down his arrestors as he ran. Koten, don't land the ship, and open the ramp! he yelled into his comlink as he ran, shooting over his shoulder. He saw the ship's ramp open, and fired up his jetpack. He flew into the ship's airlock as the ramp closed and the ship took off.

Ravvok's Fury flew at the front of the five Imperial warships in the Cron Drift. Squadrons of fighters flew with the ships towards the Republic station there, a medical station crucial to a Republic siege in systems nearby, notably what was left of Ossus. The Republic ships protecting the system were caught off-guard when the Imperials opened fire, and the attack began.
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02.10.2013 , 04:08 PM | #649
A special furnace I had built. It allowed me to remove the impurities from the still molten crystals attuning them perfectly to the force.The hilt itself I crafted from the finest metals I could find making it almost impervious to being cut by other light sabers. I wanted to craft the finest weapon I could. For it to be passed down the order for generations as a symbol of the lights triumph.To protect what I could not. You see I was not only the Jedi Orders battle master. I was an expert on how to construct the symbol of our order. Think of it as my gift the galaxy and its future. Maybe one day it will redeem my legacy.

Without us his planned government will fail. We are crucial to it.

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02.10.2013 , 04:19 PM | #650
"I may as well be getting back to courascant soon as well, I'm pretty sure most people have been tooken care of" she smiled under the mask again and fixed her glasses, 'Oh boy! More time to spend with Dee Dee!' she thought against saying anything close to that, even though it was the truth, she didn't want to guilt the padawan into staying any longer.
"Inside of everyone huh? sounds a lot like Madness" - The Kinshin Asura,