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What comes in the digital Upgrade pack

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What comes in the digital Upgrade pack

Finnweldin's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 05:05 PM | #1
Besides the items listed on the BUY page, does the digital upgrade pack come with anything else? Does anyone recommend it?

Holinyx's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 05:07 PM | #2
i'd recommend it just for the speeder. it's quite handy and you can use it all the way to lvl 50. every character you create gets it.
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Finnweldin's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 05:07 PM | #3
Nice. Does it come with anything else except loot though? Digital expansion implies better graphics etc.

PAMuttoni's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 05:09 PM | #4
Just loot. If you want that worthless loot, go ahead.
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