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Cartel Coin Christmas.

Zyzab's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 10:20 PM | #1
If this does not fall into a "customer service" category, sincerely hope someone in this thread is smart enough to pass this on to the developers, to pass up to the appropriate parties, as this is my complaint as a paying customer.

I know this is after the holidays, but am writing it in hopes it will still be addressed and make our next "holiday" or "Life day" event better. As a paying customer I was extremely disappointed to see the only "Life Day" or "Holiday" celebration put on by the Bio-ware development team was to buy a cartel pack of holiday cheer. Traditionally the holiday season is a time of giving and celebration, and I think it was in very poor taste that, the best bio-ware could do was sell a pack of holiday cheer for 2400 cartel coins, which is 20 USD.

I pay monthly fees, I expect bio-ware to be productive enough to throw some decorations up and celebrate the holiday or "Life Day" season as other games do, not just use it to make more money from its already paying customers. We all understand most games are moving to these "micro-transactions" and that is the way its going to be, but to only offer the Christmas spirit through cartel packs at the price of roughly 20 USD, is an insult to the holiday season and Bio-ware subscribers. I wish Bio-ware could have at least hid their greed for that short period of time and threw up some decorations. We understand "its all about the profit," Bio-ware, but next year during the Christmas season or "Life Day" we expect that you actually use the money we pay you in monthly fees to celebrate the "Life Day" celebration, not just use it to make more money off of your paying customers. No I did not buy the pack of crap, it was hardly worth 20 USD or 2400 cartel coins.

I know I will be watching throughout the next holidays at the way bio-ware wants to share them with their paying customers... will they be celebrated in the spirit they are supposed to be, or only used by Bio-ware to make money?

Valen_Starr's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 10:53 PM | #2
Seconded. Life Day was like, well, any other day in TOR with the exception of a tree here, and some tinsel there from those who did purchase stuff from the Cartel Market.

It would have been nice if EA/Bioware put on an event that centered around Life Day. The Life Day items could then be obtainable from doing it, along with them being in the cartel market for those, who for whatever reason, felt like not participating in the event.

My two cents worth, anyway.