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Still have the NU2001 error

jadriell's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 05:34 PM | #11
I started getting this NU2001 Error around the 11th of December (2012).
Today, after being on hold for two hours, I FINALLY got a CSR. Guess what? She gave me a number to call. I repeated the number back to her 2 times, and Pointed out that the number WOULD NOT WORK here in the U.S. because it didn't have ENOUGH numbers in it. She politely told me that it WAS a Valid number and that is WAS working. NOPE. Didn't work. CSR Says it's an EA problem, so, I go to EA's website and get THEIR customer service number. And, after pressing 1 for this and 3 for that ad nauseum, I FINALLY get the SWTOR section. And GUESS what they said? <PUNT!> Back to SWTOR.COM <Nope, I didn't get a REAL person there, just a recording>
Why isn't SOMEONE doing SOMETHING? Why do they keep pointing the finger and ONE ANOTHER and NOT Fixing the issue??

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