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Tank Looking for advice.

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01.02.2013 , 09:19 PM | #1
Hello community.

Firstly, Happy new year., secondly, this is no troll.

I am having a little trouble these days with my PVP, mostly i assume because i am under geared.

Back in the day, when i was a fresh fifty in my shiny new centurion armor, i had no problems with PVP, i knew what to do as a tank, where to be, and how to get medals, regardless of who the enemy team were, or what they were wearing.

Now granted, there are some good teams out there when they are premade, but for the past few days, i cant seem to get more than 5 medals in a warzone, and this is bad for business., i know to rotate my gaurd between players, and i know my rotations, but my gear is lacking.

At the moment i have 4pc's War Hero, and 10 Battlemaster, none of which is augmented, as i see it as a waste of money when im going to be upgrading my gear each time i have enough commendations.

So my question to you is this:

Would i have an easier time if i bought JUGG DPS gear for PVP, and respecced to a Vengeance PVP tree when i want to PVP, and back to tanking for PVE, is it worth doing, and how much better for a tank can PVP be with a Veng spec.
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01.03.2013 , 04:30 PM | #2
Most people will tell you that tanking spec & tanking gear is not effective in pvp. A hybrid or full dps spec with dps gear in tank stance can generally contribute just as much protection but much more dps for your team.

Tanking (in terms of the role you do, not your spec or gear) is the easiest to get medals. When I first started I knew nothing about wzs & pvp; my guildie told me just guard someone and throw a few taunt. I felt like I did nothing and I consistently got 8 medals+.

You mentioned "cant seem to get more than 5 medals", "bad for business" and "easier time". I just like to point out the use of medals count is not the best measure for pvp enjoyment and the focus of medals (or stats) can lead to unwanted behaviour/habbit in wz. Getting less than 5 medals is not unusual for the losing team. So focus on winning for your team; medals will come.