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Cartel Market, unlock additional cargo bay (account).

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Cartel Market, unlock additional cargo bay (account).
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01.04.2013 , 05:15 PM | #11
I would just like to add to this. Today I bought the Cargo Bay (account) unlock. It is the only thing I used before logging onto another character.

After that, the extra cargo bay was gone as well as all of my inventory (account) unlocks and presumably the other (account) unlocks I have, however I cannot tell right now as I am subbed atm.

Either way, this issue seems endemic to the cargo bay (account) unlock.

Edit: I really hope this can be resolved quickly because trying to play with 3 rows again with all the crafting junk is just unbearable.

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01.05.2013 , 12:51 AM | #12
I too am having trouble with the Unlock: Cargo Bay (Account) item. I used 2 of them this evening and lost my Inventory Module (Account) unlocks after logging out of both characters. Oddly enough, the unlock worked the first time on the character that used it (Milandur), but when I switched to a different character, I started experiencing the same issues everyone else is having. My second attempt at using a Cargo Bay (Account) item did not grant the current character an additional cargo bay.

I'd also like to note that when I lost my inventory rows, I also lost the items contained in them, but those items were returned to me by an email titled "Character has been deleted".

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01.07.2013 , 05:16 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Beesodd View Post
AlixMV, I can see that your ticket is in and looks to be without issue. It will be looked at as soon as possible.
Thanks, Beesodd!

Just FYI for anyone else following this thread: I and another friend of mine who experienced the same problem both had this resolved last week--mine happened overnight, and I logged in the next morning to discover my missing Cargo Bays were unlocked across my checkable characters.

From looking at my Cartel Coin ledger, it seems it was fixed by a grant of the 1050 CCs (the price of a Cargo Bay (Account)" upgrade) coupled with a purchase of the Cargo Bay (Account) item from the Cartel Market. This aligns with what my friend said CSR told her, that the item purchased off the GTN doesn't work properly and should be avoided.

So, yes, it can get fixed, and yes, opening an in game ticket to have it fixed works.

(OTOH, I think this needs to be taken a look at if a CM market object isn't working properly when it changes hands, as this seems to imply it does.)
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01.07.2013 , 06:35 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Beruthien View Post
Greetings Flying-Brian,

The best thing I can recommend in this situation would be to submit an in-game ticket as this issue would require an investigation from our in-game team.

Please don't hesitate to come back to us if you have any further questions.

Thank you!
Still waiting for mine to be fixed.I have put up a ticket and added updates since now account wide upgrade for chr personnel inventory is the same.It doesn't add even to initial chr.With the holidays I didn't have a problem with it taking time to get fixed but they have been over for a bit.

Just a update.On the personnel inventory account wide item.It appeared on CC item pick up.I took it applied and it didn't add.I quit the game and came back on it worked.The unlock cargo bay account wide still doesn't.I did the same thing with that as I have tried in the past.Still not working and after applying it it shows the extra bay but no items can be placed in it.If I log out and in the bay disappears.

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01.07.2013 , 07:40 PM | #15
Just to echo what AlixMV said, mine was fixed. A very friendly live agent contacted me about 7 hours after the initial incident and report (this was only 2 hours into the play session so not sure if they had looked into it earlier).

At that point, the inventory unlocks were already fixed, although I don't know if they worked themselves out or were fixed by the CSR. She had me log out for a few minutes and instituted a fix to the cargo bay manually.

However, I did ask her to check on my hide head slot and unify colors unlocks that had been activated while I was preferred and she mentioned a problem with one of them that would need to be escalated and that part is still open. But as I am a sub atm, that isn't really an issue, but word of warning for anyone who has this happen to them that some unlocks may be harder to fix than others.