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Favorite companion from every class.

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Favorite companion from every class.

Duduneco's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 09:07 AM | #1
What are y'alls favorite companions from every class?

Mine would be:
Sith Warrior - Jaesa Wilsaam (Dark)
Let's see, Hot, Evil, Hot, Shocks Vette, Hot, THEY WILL TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD!!!!, oh and hot

Sith Inquisitor - Khem Val
I would be talking about Xalek right now if we didnt get him so late, but whatever. Khem is my buddeh, always by my side, like when he

Bounty Hunter - Mako
Adorable, simply adorable. Everything she says is adorable.

Imperial Agent - Lokin
Only because the lack of companions I like.

Jedi Knight - Kira
She so hilarious. And cute. And my apprentice.

Jedi Consular - No one
I havent played this story.

Trooper - No one
I haven't played this story.

Smuggler - Guss Tuno
Hilarious, simply hilarious. Almost as funny as the smuggler himself. Not to mention he's a healer.

_Darkstar's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 10:38 AM | #2
SI - Khem, always Khem
SW - Lt Pierce. I just love his straightforwardness.
BH - Blizz! Reminds me so much of my 3 year old, but with tools and guns.
IA - Not played enough yet.

JK - The robot, I love him
JC - Not the lizard!
Trooper - Not played enough yet.
Smug - Anything but the Wookie!
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