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Which Class to play for Story

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Which Class to play for Story

cjlcw's Avatar

01.01.2013 , 04:48 PM | #1
So I have completefd all of the class stories except for the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler. Out of those two which one has the best story line? Also, are either of these classes worth playing over replaying the Knight, Warrior, or Agent?

RikuvonDrake's Avatar

01.01.2013 , 04:52 PM | #2
The smuggler story is alright while I think the bounty hunter story is just simply boring, I would rather replay the Imperial Agent story again if I were going to reroll, I just loved that one.

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Darkchip's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 08:55 AM | #3
well that is all down to what you want outta a story because really both of those storys are a snorefest sure at the start they are good but after act 1 they kinda suck but the BH is a bit better i beleave but you might like the smuggler well i'l just give i jist of what the storys are.

Will be short summry since i down want to really spoil anything if you don't want to know anything then just skip me then

all in all both are ok but i still found the BH to be the better one but that was just because i wanted to play the BH since before the game was released so i might be a bit byest thats not to say the smuggler's story isn't any better it was great and the chariters you meet as a smuggler has stuck with me a lot more then the BH's so i say just pick the one that has the play style you like better and just jump in. :3

Sanctioned's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 12:36 PM | #4
I only played both a little bit, but I can tell you once you recover your ship and handle the guy who stole it, the Smuggler story seems to just drop all substance. You're the Republic's errand boy for really no discernable reason, other than they talked to you first. Funny dialogue though. "By the stars!". But really, the whole Han Solo cowboyness needs to go away time now.

At least the BH story felt alive and fleshed out. Though it's pretty typical as far as what we would expect a galactic bounty hunter to be doing. Plus Mako. Aaaah Mako. if she would only eat a few cheeseburgers, she'd be the perfect BH mate.
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