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Swtor mods

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12.27.2012 , 03:17 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by ElitehunterDS View Post
P.s. WoW was killed by mods making the the game so trivial, it wasnt worth the attention of most of the Adult players.

Mods in WoW made the game far too efficient of a process. Which in my opinion reduced the replay value.

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12.27.2012 , 03:38 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Lullas View Post
There are damage meters that you can run simultaneously with your game, that if you run in windows mode can show you up to date information.

I understand like any tool it can (and in an MMO community, will be) abused, but damage meters in of themselves are not bad things. They allow people to evaluate their performance and try to really get the most out of their character. Personally I started to enjoy this game 10x more once I found out how to run the damage meter while in game and have that information, because I LOVE to dps, and I LOVE getting the most out of my character and pushing the limits of what he is capable of.

Using it as a "hurrr 1800dps or ****" measuring stick is where people get the stigma from and rightly so. It just needs to be used appropriately.
But as you said, in an MMO community, it won't be used appropriately. Like in WoW, it will be used as a mechanic for exclusion and not inclusion. Coupled with Gear Score, you begin to see near ludicrous demands for gear and DPS to clear content designed for much lower levels of gear and progression.

It's one of the things that drove me away from WoW. I was never in a serious raiding guild, so if I wanted to do end-game, I'd have to pug it. But like I said, the demands to join a pug raid to do entry level raiding at max level was ridiculous. The same thing would happen here if they allowed mods.

Running your own numbers to make sure you are being as efficient as possible and maybe seeing what you need to do to improve is totally cool. I have no problems with that at all.

But a damage meter that shares out everyone's DPS always leads to bad things, and is never used to do what it was initially designed for, which is to help the individual improve.

Remember, this the MMO community we're talking about here.

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12.28.2012 , 03:10 AM | #23
I'm mostly fine with the game's inteface, but there are two things that could be improved.

Firstly, the GTN, and in particular commodity market. This has been discussed many time elsewhere, so I don't repeat the details here.

Secondly, I have a large screen and like to keep the clutter to minimum and on the edges of the screen. This however makes it somewhat difficult to notice certain things about my abilities in the heat of battle, while simultaneously keeping an eye on what happens on the battlefield. I'd like to have small status indicators for certain effects next to the cursor, or close to my current target, or in my own nameplate. Like whether a particular ability is available, or a particular proc is up.

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12.28.2012 , 03:18 AM | #24
If it helps at all OP, I've played many MMOs that didnt have mods.'s doable!

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12.28.2012 , 04:27 AM | #25
Well, imo it's better without mods, because now you have to figure out stuff yourself, and be cautious of what you do (to a certain degree).. if you look at the most popular mods in that other mmo it's just addons to play the game for you, which imo don't make a good gamer.

*Bartender (or variant) : we have that in swtor, in the game itself, and if you play a bit with it you'd be surprised how much you can change it to your personal style.. so this addon would be obsolete.

*Recount (or variant) : we have a replacement for that, and it works prety good, we are using a parser on our guild runs and we have the info we need, not that it's needed imo, when failing an encounter it's mostly clear when it's a healing or a dps issue.

*Deadly Boss Mods : we were always supposed to have this mod if we were raiding serious, but imo it's just a way to compensate for the ignorant people that fail to learn encounter mechanics, i've been playing swtor for a year now and i don't miss that addon at all, instead i learned to watch debuffs myself and be aware of my surroundings (something everyone who raids should do)

*Auctioneer (or variant) : well, this is debatable, since the GTN is far from perfect, but imo it's not as bad as some people make it sound, I've been selling stuff on the GTN myself, and it works prety good, but yes you can't do it all with one click, but a good irl salesman doesn't have a leperchaun to do his work for him either

*Healbot (or variant) : I'm a healer myself (Sage) and tbh, shortcuts work as good as healbot, it's a mater of getting used to it, and i found healing with healbot a bit boring (but thats my opinion), i love ehaling on my sage, and i'm doing fine without an addon like healbot, so imo it's not needed at all

*Gatherer : bluh, do you really need an addon to finding nodes for materials? it's prety clear on the minimap if you ask me, i used it for a week when i was playing wow and never liked it, takes too much memory too

*Atlasloot : even in wow this addon doesn't have much function anymore since they added those journals where you can see bossloot and such, and I don't see how this will help us in swtor, want to know what drops, you can easily alt-tab to swtor-spy or torhead or whatever.

*Calender : those addons are obsolete in wow since they have their own calander, and announced in swtor we will get them too, for guild events and such, so we don't rly need an addon for this either.

Then there's the addons for druids and rogues n such which give you optimal rotation stuff (like mutilate), ok, i can understand, you want an addon that plays the game for you because you fail to understand the mechanics of your class i would suggest reading up a bit, it'll be better for you in the long run
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12.28.2012 , 04:40 AM | #26
I'm pretty sure guild wars 2 doesn't allow mods either. not sure if super hero games or start trek game have mods. I think Eve doesn't, but don't quote me on that.

funny story. I'm currently playing both WoW and SWTOR. with an exception of a mod that allows me to see everything all my alts have in their bags etc as well as ability to click cast on mouse over? things SWTOR stock UI allows me to do, I have to download mods for in WoW. because base game doesn't have it. I don't think its a good thing. I think its a flaw, that stock UI is so bad, you HAVE to use mods. and then, there's the daily.. lets log into curse and see what else needs updated, oh look - patch/maintenance day, lets see what mod was broken this time.

I like ability to customize my experience. but I honestly prefer SWTOR's way of allowing me to do so through base game instead of having to run a crapton of extraneous programs, just to have half decent experience.

I'll say though, one thing they really need to work on is buff/debuff displays on operations frames. for dispell junky like me, its kinda bad, because I really cannot get the information I need right now. but again, can be done without mods. to Blizzard what, 6 years before they implemented half decent raid frames?

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12.28.2012 , 05:18 AM | #27
Old debate and not likely to change here, but a game without addons/mods, at the very least with regard to the UI, is simply an inferior game.

I haven't played WoW in years, but it is still the best UI I have ever used. Why? Because the UI was my own creation compiled from the tools created by millions of players who have varying ways of how they like information displayed.

This game has a passable UI, but it is no where near good. And that directly impacts its enjoyability.

For example, there are still procs that don't give a visible cue when going off. Thus to play the character well, you must stare at the buff bar. And thus, the leveling experience when not in a story section devolves into stare at the hot bar/buff bar rather than at all the action and the animations/graphics they worked so hard on.

This is the kind of thing that makes the experience of playing less than it could be. It isn't enough by itself to massively sway your opinion, but like so many things in this game, its just that little bit that keeps it from being much better. And those little things add up.

As for the typical arguments, my take generally goes something like this:
-If it isn't selecting and/or activating abilities for you, then it isn't automation.
-It does make the game eaiser to play by creating a lower barrier between desire and action; that is a good thing, imo, as I would prefer "skill" is determined by intent not one's ability to successfully navigate the nuances of that particular game's interface.
- (this one's for Ureal) Being required for group content is really no different than raids requiring mumble; if having to download a miniscule file off the internet is such an inconvenience to you versus the convenience of having your raid group work more efficiently together, then find a group of like minded individuals (there seem to be plenty) and form a group without those requirements.

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12.28.2012 , 09:12 AM | #28
This is not WoW. Having a working enjoyable UI ruins the community.
@ Bioware
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12.28.2012 , 10:37 AM | #29
"interface action failed because of an addon"

I see this message a lot when I play WoW.

riddle me this, addon lovers.

WHY does it have to be an addon and not just in game addition? what makes third party addon better then the same functionality added by game developers?

is SWTOR UI perfect? no, its not. its miles better then WoW's stock UI though. you want improvements to UI, like visible procs, better buff/debuff management, better GTN interface (personally, I'd settle for shift-click item to copy paste its name into a search window option, though ability to see all the other listings would be fabulous), etc - why couldn't it be part of stock UI? added to stock UI?

addons by themselves are NOT inherently better. what's important is ability to customize your experience. and SWTOR ALREADY offers that.

I have a very conservative addon list in WoW. 42 (according to curse, including various dependancies, necessary for main addon to work). oh yes. 42 is conservative. all of them but altoholic and auction master? were installed to give me the UI customization options, I get in SWTOR base game. and I have to check on them constantly to make sure they are up to date (or they break), and sometimes, they break randomly anyways, and I need to reload. and god forbid my favorite addon's maker decides they don't want to play WoW anymore, I now have to look for a replacement option.

tell me again, how third party addons are better?

I'm playing WoW right now in addition to SWTOR for several reasons, but their UI is NOT one of those reasons.

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12.30.2012 , 09:52 PM | #30
Most MMOs I have played do not have mods. EverQuest was my first real MMO experience and originally it wouldn't even ALT-TAB out without bugging out.

EVE is another one and it's doing very well without it considering it's over 10 years old and it grows in subscribers every single month. EVE also has an amazing UI though and makes me wish for some of its functionality in the GTN.

Don't just see the GTN UI as a hindrance. It's also an opportunity. Some people are lazy and will list items without searching. The default price is usually very lowball. When I see someone throw a huge stack in there at the default price, I snatch them up and resell them. I saw this happening since the first day I played, I was collecting Bacterial Strains in bioanalysis nodes and saw people selling 200 credit/unit items for 450 credits per stack of 20. Made good creds buy them, stacking them down, and selling.

It happens more often because of the horrible UI