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New subscription tagged as not a sub bug?

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New subscription tagged as not a sub bug?

wingspeare's Avatar

12.26.2012 , 09:06 PM | #1
Just got booted to desktop (like normal happens 5-6 times a day with my set up since like patch 1.4 or 5) and when I logged back in I couldn't RE the purple items I just created while logged off. I thought hmm thats strange then after some clicking around I notice all my hotkeys are gone and its telling me I can only have 1 crew skill and to delete my others or something (obvious to me now it thinks I am a free to play).

So I log off and back on and it treats me like a sub now but ALL 5 pages of hotkeys have been erased and I have to redo them, VERY annoying but not a huge deal just 30min or so to get em back how I had them. Then I notice I have skills to train and think hmm thats strange I already trained this level and come to find out my speeder piloting 3 was removed and now I have to spend 150k credits to retrain!

I am trying so hard to support this game, have been there 3 days before launch tell now taking a couple months off to play diablo 3 but never letting my subscription lapse and I have made (2) 5500 Cartel Coin purchases and this is the kinda stuff that happens to me, it happened once before but it just wouldn't let me equip purple stuff for a couple days oh and I got some stuff from Cartel packs that AUTO bound to me so I can't sell or trade them.

I used to be on the side of get us more updates and content as fast as possible but now after seeing the fact that the faster they push out patches the BIGGER hastle it is for subs with bugs and stuff...........


wingspeare's Avatar

12.26.2012 , 11:37 PM | #2
Nice I got all the in game mail stuff again also, a pre order crystal, tauntaun ram pet, fireworks, jawa, and something else I forget.

Sent a ticket in but I am sure I will have to repay the 150k creds, which is not much basically a days worth of belsavis dailies but still should never happen.

I may have to unsub and wait for expansion while they fix bugs and come back to a more enjoyable experience. But with my luck the 4400 coins I have still will be gone haha.