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Why people solo when they can group?

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Why people solo when they can group?

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12.25.2012 , 08:19 AM | #11
My my. Just wait till you grow up an try to get help on the big ones. Your in for a real disappointment. You need to try and form your own group of friends as you play. Very few people will go out of their way to help.

In the beginning, I also was up for teams but never had much success. Most people have there own agendas. I also never saw a real difference with the shared features of this games’ parties. I always could run a mission or dungeon with much more profit by myself, and do it at my own speed, which allows me to experience all given content.

But, the very biggest thing for going solo, was and is that you build a much tougher toon. I see party people all the time that are about 2 to 4 levels below average level. Which is the difference of taking the boss out or not. But the other side of Parties are that you have more fun… and do it faster. So, make your own friend base as you play and you will be way ahead, when you get to higher planets.

Then comes the real fail of this game… when you grow up(lvl 50) you will need special armor and this takes much needed patience, time and friends, for several reasons. That is if you want to experience the upper end of War Zones and Operations. These levels are where you will find people are not very nice, that’s all imma going to say about that.

Don’t get me wrong. I personally will help anyone in this game, almost anytime. That’s because I have played most content and most of my characters are developed. I’ll even go as far as bringing a similar level on, just to have some fun, because my higher level characters in a lower mission or dungeon can not die, so that takes the fun out of it for you. That’s also where I loose out in profit. I greed all choices. Just my nature.

So, hope this helps you understand as to why people solo and not party…

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12.25.2012 , 08:44 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by internaty View Post
This really bug's mo.

When i am in a area questing and i see someone doing the EXACT same quest i useall invite them.
It offer's both of us extra xp and we dont fight over mobs.

But 90% of the time i get diclined.


Even if your not interested in turning in the quest togather grouping at the very least allow for mob sharing.

So explain to me why people outright refuse to group for a couple of min get the rewards then leave:S

It just doesnt make sense.
Just keep in mind that in some cases if you don't play up to other people's standards, then they will vote kick you fast. I PUG'd a HM FP with a group of 3 others in all the same guild. Make sure you do your role really well or they will call you out on it and drop you fast. They can be cruel about it as well, but I suppose they feel they wasted their time having you in their group (if you are bad) so perhaps it all depends on your point of view. It is the same if you play on a sports team or work for a living. You are there to contribute and if you are a detriment to the group, then you need to be benched or fired.

I try to learn my class and role well, but slipped that time because it was an Alt I got to 50 who I simply didn't take the time to really find a solid rotation for and is only in Tionese/Recruit right now. Better gear and more skill will hopefully remedy being a "bad"...or in the words of the PUG group I was in "L2P!!!"

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12.25.2012 , 10:06 AM | #13
i dont for a few reasons.

a tell would be nice but not needed. it will show consideration. at times it isnt needed when there is only the two of you there waiting for a respawn.

when in a group while on a speeder there is a bug when you are in combat and you jump off your companion doesnt summon and then cant be re summoned until it is over. for some this isn't a problem but for a healer it can take me forever to kill something. for a dps not having my healing companion there it can also be problematic. also if there are more than two of you in a group your companion will immediately go away placing you in the same situation as above. not cool getting a invite while in combat or being placed in it shortly after low on power and hit points.

my toons are well geared and companions have godmode presence to aid them. if there are too many people killing the same thing or in the area i just move on or wait my turn.

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12.25.2012 , 10:24 AM | #14
a) people have lives, for work, family or just cuase they can, they have to step away from the computer to do something, and feel being on a team while doing this often, is a determent to the team they are part of.

b) people want to enjoy the game and what it brings at thier own speed.

c) the way this game handles added members to most missions is idiotic, imo. See a spawn and you assess what needs to go down when, and when you aggro it, MORE peeps show out of nowhere.

d) gamers are clannish and will usually wait for players they perfer then be part of a PUG.

e) PUG horror stories
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12.25.2012 , 11:10 AM | #15
I have grouped on invites several times and some of the experiences were awesome....others were definitely not. Because of the bad experiences, i am now leery of any random invites.

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12.25.2012 , 12:53 PM | #16
I hate people, especially ones that think they have some special right to force me group with them. I'm competent enough that I can solo the content that I want to play and I don't need your help, it's not my fault you can't do anything by yourself.

Quote: Originally Posted by david_watt View Post
are you a competent player or an under geared bozo who aggro's everything in sight?
99.98% of the time the clown-monkeys that are running around spamming random invites crying for a group on general chat are not in the first category.

Any other questions?

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12.25.2012 , 01:13 PM | #17
A random group invite is very annoying. I have auto-decline turned on for that very reason. I like helping people out, but I hate grouping up with a random, under geared person who expects me to do all the killing. And, like a lot of other people, I only group with my guild. Too many jerks out there in random groups.
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12.25.2012 , 01:29 PM | #18
People can be idiots.
I just created a Bounty Hunter last week and was questing on Hutta. I got through most of it fast and was close to finishing my class quest. I'm on a side quest when someone sends me an invite for an area it looks like he needed help in. I accept even though I didn't need the help. I figured he did. So we get to an instanced area he can't get into (he must have just completed the quest) and he follows me in.
There's a champion that I could have taken out myself with Mako but still, we take him down and he drops purple loot with Aim. So I wait to see if he is going to greed it and he immediately NEEDS on it! So I need on it too but he wins the roll. Now I'm pissed so I leave the area and quit the group.

People like that piss me off and is the reason I prefer to solo content unless it's with my son, wife or guild. Even then I only group to help my wife or son and my guild only for FPs, Heroics or dailies. Plus having to split loot sucks as well. They don't give you enough credits when grouping which they should.
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12.25.2012 , 01:56 PM | #19
Several reasons for this - at least in my case.

First, like others have already pointed out, don't invite out of the blue. Ask first. If they don't respond, it's their choice and taking offense in that is rather silly. *You* want this person to group with you, not the other way around.

Second, I prefer to play at my own pace. To listen to parts of dialogue that I like, to skip those I don't, to grab resources without delaying others - and to not carry/be delayed by Powertech #9001 in half Str gear (NEED 4 RKT PUNCH K?), accompanied by Mako in a bikini, that scavanges every frakking dead droid in the vicinity and spends most of the fight overheated.

Third, on most of my characters, I can usually solo 95% of the planetary content, including some H4s which are not centered on fighting. What I can't solo, I do with a general chat-formed group, or skip it altogether.
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12.25.2012 , 05:06 PM | #20
When I am not working on leveling, I will normally spend time as a higher level on the start worlds, answering questions, buffing, and generally participating in general chat. Sine we hang out in the heroic areas, if someone asks for help, we can invite them to a group to help them.

BUT, I wait until someone asks for help, either in General chat, or by PM'ing me, rather than randomly inviting players. I know how annoyed I get when someone just randomly tries to group with me as a lower-level player (or any level, actually) when I made no statement saying that I wanted to group.