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Revan novel question

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12.18.2012 , 05:53 AM | #1
Hey there.

So, I'm planning to read this novel as part of a book review for next semester, but something presses at my mind.
I read a small part of the introduction, and they state that it takes place 2 years after the events of Kotor.
I remember that Kotor 2 was supposed to take place 5 years after Kotor 1, so how does Revan eventually meet up with the Exile when the so called "Dark Wars" haven't even happened yet ? :S

I know, it's a minor question, but it's one which has me confused to say the least. :P
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12.18.2012 , 08:13 AM | #2
The book will jump ahead in time eventually to after kotor 2
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12.18.2012 , 08:58 AM | #3
It follows the events after KOTOR which is about 2 years after the events of the game and this is where the book starts however the whole story spans several years
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