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Ancient Hypergate - Thoughts?

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Ancient Hypergate - Thoughts?
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12.24.2012 , 06:05 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by CJAShadow View Post
Is it just me or does the respawn take FOREVER?

You die and sit behind the door for sooo long, I have not timed it but it feels like you are there forever, and even then you have a nice long run to anywhere the action is.

The concept is interesting, a little bit different with the explosion part but yet another WZ that completely favors great movement speed.

I wish there was a more "storming the castle" type WZ, but of course that would be too complicated or imbalanced or something blah blah.
I fraps my games regularly. Timed the respawn for guildies complaining of the same thing. The full lock-out timer was 30 seconds.

It appears as if the principle design of this warzone is a deathmatch. If you always hold your pillar and the other team always holds theirs it becomes a DPS race in middle. Death hurts in this one.
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12.24.2012 , 06:25 AM | #62
When I first saw a video of it from the PTS I thought it was somewhat like capture the flag and I was pretty hyped for it. To bad once I played it I found out that it's a glorified death match with near meaningless objectives. The orbs in the center are more or less pointless and you can completely ignore them and still win. Killing needs to give less points and actually capturing the orbs needs to have a bigger impact. The map would actually make a decent CTF map but oh well.

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12.24.2012 , 02:06 PM | #63
This wz is pretty crappy when you respawn still in combat.

The exits to the spawn area are so far from where you actually spawn that you can easily miss doors if the game bugs out and keeps you in combat.

Very frustrating.
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12.24.2012 , 02:19 PM | #64
PUBs 900 + and IMPS 0! Yea total shut out felt nice for sure!

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12.24.2012 , 02:48 PM | #65
I'll be honest i only read the first couple pages of this post and here is my thoughts on the new WZ.

I agree this is the worst WZ to be released to date yet it is the best one to play in. Where the DEvs went wrong is releasing this WZ in the random maps que. What makes the map good is the complexity of the map and the many ways it can be won. What makes the map bad is the complexity of the map and its many ways to win. That being said this map should only be in the Ranked PvP que not the genral random PvP que,

I only Que solo for PvP and usually i know before the map starts weather the team will win or lose, The amount of team tactics it takes to win the map make it fail beyond all accounts for random que. I have noticed since the release many people are just Queing for PvP to get WZ comms and get the gear they couldn't get before. So now we have an in-fluxe of people that 1) are under-geared 2) think that because the got some WH gear now they are good.

good example was in a Huttball match

"hey I'll grab the ball just heal me and go to the end zone"
"Dude you only have 102 expertise, your not even a speed-bump"

unfortunately the above example is more common then uncommon

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12.24.2012 , 02:50 PM | #66
This is by far my favorite Warzone and I wish I could get queued for it more.