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Trying a different skill tree?

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Trying a different skill tree?

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12.12.2012 , 04:10 AM | #1
I'm currently spec'd in AP, and do like it, but I just think the warzones are flooded with damage dealers, and nobody seems to be tanking (I asume not since the protection column in the end table is usually zeros except for the few I throw out). So i'm thinking of re-speccing in the SS tree.

I watched a few videos on youtube and it seems to be more of "strategy" game as a SS, and it looks like i'd prefer it.

Now I've never tank'd before, so it's all a bit of an uncercertainty.

1. Would I need to get new gear, at the moment my primary stat is aim does this stay the same or do I need to go for endurance?

2. Any suggestions on what makes a good BH tank in a pvp team? What is expected of a "good" BH tank in pvp?

3. Is my main responsibility now protection? Ie, does the protection column a starting refernce for how well I'm doing, or this just a side responsibility?

Cheers all.

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12.12.2012 , 08:02 AM | #2
1. In PvP, you don't need to necessarily change your gear. Defense, shield and absorb rating are pretty useless in PvP as most abilities are tech/force and ignore these stats. An exception can be made for Sharpshooter Gunslingers and Combat Sentinels, as they rely heavily on white damage.

2. A good tank will stick close to his protected target, to mitigate the damage. Guard is on an easy to reach button, as well as your taunt. A good PT tank will also taunt players that are NOT attacking you as well as make full use of the 2 free Flame Sweeps to reduce the damage output of the enemy.

3. With the Shield Tech tree, your main focus will be to protect your allies. The tree doesn't really allow a great increase in DPS, so your DPS will be average at best. Your DPS gear will help you in reaching acceptable DPS numbers, but protection (and off course Objective Points) are your main focus.
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