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Hutta Heroics (GUIDE)

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12.11.2012 , 10:28 AM | #1

I always run the Heroic as my last action prior to leaving Hutta. The reason for this is quite simple. I can run through the entire thing without stopping and without assistance once I hit L10, which I always do when creating a new character on Hutta.

As you are going about your runs of the various missions, you will come across two that are Heroics, go ahead and tone these down off of your following list as you get them. They are:

The Man with the Steel Voice
Factory Recall

When it comes time to perform these, you should once again head over to the two Elite bosses on the map and clean them up in case of upgrades to your gear and then head for “Factory Recall” first. Its right next to the Wookiee and the other one will lead you to the third Heroic.

Factory Recall
1. Sabotage the Security Junction Boxes
a. Defeat the Fa’athra Tunnel Forces
2. Destroy Fa’athra’s Security Droids
3. Defeat Industrial Engineers
4. Destroy Fabrication Units

For the first task, you will go into the tunnel right next to the guy offering the quest (due north of the Wookiee) and along the walls you will find the Junction Boxes. There are a lot of them so it shouldn’t be too hard. While you’re down here, you can also get one of the Holocrons, which is locked behind a gate with an Elite guarding it.
Once you’re down the stairs, head to the right and go to the end of the hall, then turn left, right, right and right. The holocron should be there and you can head back to the main tunnel from there. Head east to get out of the tunnel and by this point you should be well past the Secondary task.

For the second, third, and fourth tasks, you will need to leave the tunnel out the Northern pipe and turn to your right. There is a building there and inside are all of the objectives you will need to complete. I like to go up the stairs because there is a treasure box that’s guarded by two of the Security Droids (who are totally painful… a group may be useful with them).

Once you finish the tasks, head back out and work your way around the building (to the west, then north, then west again) so you are on the other side of the giant wall and are heading towards “The Man with the Steel Voice”

If you walk in the water, you shouldn’t be ambushed by anyone and this quest is incredibly simple. You can choose either the dark option and open the vents (which is very easy to do), or you can choose the light option and destroy the vents (which may have a few mobs around you). Either way, when you finish you’re heading West from there, which will lead you to the last two Heroic missions on Hutta. The first one is “Hostage Situation” and the second will come when you complete it.

Hostage Situation
1. Find the Factory Security Terminal
a. Clean up the Factory
2. Get to the Basement
3. Defeat the Evocii Mastermind
4. Release the Hostages
a. Clean up the Factory

This one is fairly simple, as you go through, kill everyone you see to get both of the Clean up the Factory tasks (you can do it twice!) and head up the ramp to your left. Once up there head to the far side of the catwalk and hit the Security Terminal.

Dive off the platform and kill anyone you see on your way to the back room where the lift is. Go down, and on the way down buff yourself up. As you step off the lift the Mastermind will attack you. He’s fairly simple and shouldn’t pose any real problems for you. Release the prisoners and head back up. Clear out the bottom floor again for the second “Clean up the Factory” task and then head back to Foreman Rhamm for part 2 of this quest, “Hostage Situation Cleanup”

Hostage Situation Cleanup
1. Find the Rooftop Access
a. Clearing the Path
2. Defeat Baranj and his Turrets
3. Plant the Detonite on the Ship
4. Get to a Safe Distance

To start this quest up, head south and follow the path (that’s not marked on the main map) up the hill. You’ll know it because there are barricades and a set of turrets at its base. Blow the turrets and fight your way to the top. Cross the bridge (fighting MORE turrets) and on the other side head to the left, the entrance is small, but it’s over there.
Head inside and kill Baranj. His turrets only have a few hit points, so go ahead and knock them out first so you can focus on him, once he’s out of the picture run under the ship and plant the Detonite. Instead of running back to the place they mention, just leave the instance and head back down. Do NOT jump off the side as it’s WAY too high and you will die.

Head back to Foreman Rhamm for the final turn in and then follow the path to the south to the turn-in place for Factory Recall, kill the Wookiee on your way to turning in “The Man with the Iron Voice” and then head south one last time to kill the robot elite.

You’re now done with Hutta and are ready to head out. Use your transport token to head back to the main area, sell if you like, and then head up to the Imperial Fleet.