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Character hair/beards

jarshr's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 05:09 AM | #1
I just wanted to ask, is there any word on, if EVER, we will get like a barber or legacy unlock (NOT CARTEL COINS THAT IS FAIL- for hairstyles and berads) I'm kind of sick of the same ol look, and seeing as bioware put in about 3 hairstyles that anyone under th age of 30 would actually think is normal, I would love to see more...also some beard like "Doc's", as all the creation beards look soo fake and remind me of Mr potato man :|

and for the love of god why is there 1 normal NON 1970's styled short hairstyle for males...but 3-4 blad hairstyles.....even bald guys dont wanna make thier characters bald :|

Prysha's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 05:42 AM | #2
True , we need a character recustomization , maybe at the ship =)
Thenu can change your make up and hairstyles at the ship while the ship has more options for hairstyles and make ups and so on...THAT would be so perfect =)
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