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Why do you like this game?

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12.08.2012 , 04:50 AM | #21
Star Wars, I never liked MMO's that much. Played WOW for a few months but just couldn't enjoy it.
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12.08.2012 , 05:00 AM | #22
Yeha because is Star Wars and it's made by Bioware
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DarthKasadaRhur's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 09:37 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounty_ View Post
I love this game because.
2. i enjoy the gameplay.
3. The stories are amazing and do well to get the point across.
4. I get to be a Mandalorian
5. It has brung me my firneds and family together while playing this game.

I do this thread because of all the negativity that it gets and i want to hear what fans of this game thinkg.
I played the first five months and got shipped to iraq, and didnt get to play it the last 7 months, whould have been longer but i took shrapnal from a ied to the left side of my body.
I think that pretty much covers why I enjoy the game. To all the haters out there: Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

erei's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 10:11 PM | #24
I love the stories, well, except the consular story. My agent storyline was really awesome.
I like the gameplay.
I like the voice acting, it's usually well done, and some are really great (fem IA comes to mind).
The rest of the game is fine. A difficulty increase in endgame would be cool, many low lvl instance are far more difficult than endgame (at lvl).

UCKFred's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 10:21 PM | #25
1. I finally get to play as a Bounty Hunter and F-up force users.
2. The class stories. I like how some of the stories kind of refernce each other with regards to companions even though it doesn't feel chronologically accurate. I hate the planet stories though... makes me want to rage after the first time through.
3. Operations which are a good change of pace when I get tired of leveling characters.
4. Playing around with skills and talents.
5. There aren't many options for MMOs with a sci-fi setting.

Floredon's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 11:12 PM | #26
1. Star Wars IP
2. It is a well done scifi MMO
3. Story-driven leveling
4. The class stories are actually interesting and have a satisfying conclusion for the most part.
5. I actually like the instances and operations
6. Bioware

It's too bad they felt like they had to add everything that seems to be a part of the standard MMO formula (PVP, endgame, etc). It would have been interesting if they had thought more outside the box when it came to game mechanics. It feels unique in some ways (story driven, voice acting) and more of the same in others. And it's the fact that it has some of the same mechanics that it compares poorly to other mmos.

OddballEasyEight's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 12:08 AM | #27
I like it because its Star Wars, or more precisely Old Republic star wars made by bioware.

If it was modern star wars and made by just Lucas Arts or some other company i probably wouldnt even be here.

And story... thats why i like it... i hate MMO's
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AboB's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 12:14 AM | #28
PvP &
The forums.
Who knew that hundreds of thousands of people can have a common interest, and hate each others guts SO MUCH!?
*edit-someone told me this is a Star Wars game, or something? I guess that, too.

johnyangelo's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 12:25 AM | #29
Star wars + pvp

Kahotep's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 12:26 AM | #30
I like this game more because of what it's not.

Unlike the majority of MMOs, it isn't a cliched fantasy setting with a big noble warrior race, an elfy, "I'm so in tune with the forest" race and a short, but really good at technology race.

I am so utterly bored that setting and its various incarnations.