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Your most and least favorite part of the EU

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Your most and least favorite part of the EU

Asbiorn's Avatar

12.06.2012 , 10:12 PM | #11
Most Favorite
Darth Caedus being my favorite Sith, I say Jacen Solo's character arc from the book Traitor to his becoming Darth Caedus.

I, Jedi

Everything by Timothy Zahn concerning Grand Admiral Thrawn:
The Thrawn Trilogy
The Hand of Thrawn Duology
Survivor's Quest
Outbound Flight
Mist Encounter (short story printed in the paperback version of Outbound Flight)
Side Trip (novella in Tales from the Empire)
Crisis of Faith (novella included in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Heir to the Empire)

The Darth Bane Trilogy

Least Favorite
The Emperor Reborn
The Legacy comics
"History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all." -Grand Admiral Thrawn

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12.06.2012 , 10:15 PM | #12
Favorite... hmm that's hard sooooo many good stories and characters. X-wing series is probably the best, it has a bit of everything, fills in a lot of story, creates exceptional character relationships, and just plain rocks.

Least Favorite... NJO What the h*** where they smoking when they came up with the Yuzahn Vong? Seriously? Worst bad guys ever AND

I also blame this series for corrupting my favorite character, Jacen Solo and killed a very promising character Anakin Solo. He (Jacen) was cool until they made him into a spoiled brat who thinks he's a philosopher. (and in the middle of a galactic invasion?) Poor writing all around. And sadly the Eu beyond that suffers. Oh, they made do with what they got, but honestly Anakin, Jacen, Chewie, Gavin Darklighter ect... and a lot of other major characters's had their stories horribly altered or ended in a completely unfair way. Honestly it felt like someone said, ok we have to many heroes. How do we kill off half the galaxy? I like the way LOTF and FOTJ went, but make Jacen a darker, more manipulative rather than a fanatic and erase the Vong from existence.

Edit: I understand why certain characters had to die in order to progress the story of others, but it seems like a cop out to have some unbeatable enemy who magically appears and kills everyone they needed to get rid of.

Edit 2: I did however enjoy the portions of the NJO book "Traitor" dealing with Ganner Rhysode. His epic battle at the end of the book sent shivers down my spine. Best part of the series
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12.07.2012 , 11:00 AM | #13
I have no interest in anything post Episode VI. Probably because I can't stand Luke, and to see him leading the new Academy would make me want to bleed my eyes.

But I am told there are some good series in there, especially the X-Wing series, I think it is.

For me, my biggest Star Wars passion is the history of the Sith, up to the movie trilogies, but in particular, the period between The Great Hyperspace War and The Great Sith War.

Beniboybling's Avatar

12.07.2012 , 12:02 PM | #14
Good question.

Favourite: The Old Republic era, from the Jedi Civil War to the Great Galactic War. Sometimes I have to stop and think that this vast period of lore was shaped from nothing. Isn't that incredible? Amazing stories such as the fall and redemption of Revan and the exile of Meetra Surik, and the return of the True Sith! Amazing characters like Revan, Malak, Meetra, Canderous, HK-47, Traya, Malgus, the Emperor... the list goes on. And amazing planets like Malachor and Lehon, Tython and Dromund Kaas. All this lore! You gotta take your hat of to BioWare and Obsidian and all those other great writers for making such an epic period in the Star Wars universe. In my opinion, its second only to the films themselves.

Least Favourite: Sorry guys, but its gotta be post-ROTJ. I must admit I have a personal disdain for this period, and I mean disdain. Everything other than Thrawn and Mara Jade could be made non-canon for all I care. The Yuuzhan Vong (who's name I have to look up every time I type it ), Darth Krayyt and his One Sith, resurrection of the Sidious and his ultimate fail etc etc. Can't say I don't like Cade Skywalker - kinda like that whole 'legacy' thing, but ultimately too much of post-ROTJ is overpowered and out of tune with Star Wars. Really I think the story should have ended with ROTJ, at least for the Sith - anyone after Sidious just seems lacking. They should have left it at Thrawn and be done, or at least come up with something better than Krayt. I sincerely hope that the new films will sort this period out. Apologies for the rant.