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A necessary improvement that I feel is much needed

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A necessary improvement that I feel is much needed

Varimathas's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 11:50 PM | #1
Hello fellow fans, and hopefully devs as well. First off, please forgive any crudity of this post, as I'm not used to starting forum threads.

I'm starting this one with the hope of helping the devs of SWTOR understand what one of the most threatening problems they are facing is, and to discuss possible ways to overcome it with fellow fans.

The game simply doesn't have enough content. You see, I am a big fan of SWTOR. I have been since well before its initial release and I, like many of you have melted in front of my computer looking at all of the glorious content to behold upon the games initial release, only to find a few months down the road that it is severely lacking.

My most prevalent MMORPG experience was of WoW. But I gave it up because I'd played it for so long, and also because most of my fellow players were... well, less than cordial. I got tired of it. What it did have however, and what I feel any good MMORPG should have is content, and lots of it. Just for one level range, a player might have 2 or even 3 different regions to explore. That gave the players a LOT of choices for leveling.

That was simply a world. SWTOR is promoting an entire galaxy of content. I understand that it takes time and money to make that stuff happen, but having a dwindling player base is even more costly. So Devs, from my personal experience, I would say the way to fix this is let everything remain the same, but add new worlds for extra questing in every level tier on both factions. say, three? maybe four? on each side. Don't even worry about throwing story specific quests in them, just have static quest chains and pvp on them. THAT I feel is one of the biggest content patches that the game needs.

Please feel free to add any input on my idea (and please don't point out grammar errors or anything like that) and throw out any additional ideas too.

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12.05.2012 , 11:54 PM | #2
To further emphasize what I meant by "more worlds", I mean for example a Balmorra type world event, but without any class specific story content. Say Kashyyk (however it is spelled) is being taken over by the empire, and any help from both sides is welcome to join the war effort. That could be a place for players to go instead of Balmorra to level, and they could go to Balmorra to just do their class quests.

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12.06.2012 , 10:04 AM | #3
I think you post this thread in the wrong forum. besides as you said before that making this stuff takes time and money, so highly doubt you will see four worlds added in one patch. As for the decreasing number of players, I think it's just people getting a taste of other MMOs. I've had friends temperarily leave this game for ones like Diablo III, yet they came back. And to the DEVS at bioware, thank you so much for making this incredible game, keep up the great work.
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12.07.2012 , 01:07 PM | #4
You're right, that is a lot to patch. Why not break it into a few? Regardless of the time and money it would take, an undertaking like that would do the game a lot more good.

I too feel the devs are doing really good work as is, I just thought I'd throw out a suggestion.