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My complete swtor complaints/suggestions gathered since Beta

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My complete swtor complaints/suggestions gathered since Beta

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11.28.2012 , 06:53 PM | #1
Very High Priority. - Bugs ( 3 / 8 )
Very High Priority - Temporary / Minor / Rare Bugs ( 1 / 5 )
High priority - Suggestions ( 3 / 38 )
Low priority - Suggestions ( 2 / 18 )
Complement ( 7 )
Most popular suggestions ( 10 )

Hi Bioware! This is an extremely comprehensive list of many things gathered so far by numerous people that I reckon would be great if it got improved or fixed upon in the future. I understand fixing or improving things can be extremely hard for many reasons.

Here is a nice quote from Greg Zoeller:
"Fixing requires technology that we currently do not have."
There is no specific listing order priority other than indicated according to myself/feedback and has no "true" definition to priority, starting with bugs. Please add any information about needed improvements / old or persistent bugs or complements. If you believe the current listing priority should change, then please let me know.

I have marked the most popular suggestions with a beside it.


There are a few bugs that have been in this game since the game was in the Beta, and urgently needs attention.

GOT FIXED!When companions put away their lightsabers, the light remains behind and floating in the location where they put their lightsabers away. Also, when entering your ship, and some other locations (I think all non-combat locations,) companions have their lightsabers put away, but the plasma on the saber is still expanded, instead of contracted, and the remaining light sticks to them wherever they go.

There is this strange bug when hyperspacing to another location on your ship. Whenever you come out of hyperspace, the scenery on the outside of the ship's window "snaps" to a different point in its animation for example, a planet would just "snap" 2 seconds worth of rotating back in time.

In Voidstar Warzones both the Imperial and Republic Cruisers that fly beside the Voidstar ship have each got a clone of themselves, and these cloned ships fly straight into each other and stop almost completely inside of each other in almost every Voidstar warzone game. That is just a bit weird

In some cases when you have a companion with you and you are on a "teleporting" elevator, the companion becomes disbanded once you reach the destination, and you then have to re-summon it, and rebuff it and that's very annoying. When a companion gets buffed, those buffs shouldn't be removed when disbanding them.

Often the leaves on all trees don't get generated normally when you land on a planet in both the following ways:

If you are busy doing a space mission or if you are on your spaceship and queue for a warzone and then enter the warzone match, the trees' leaves will be generated as flat billboards. This occurs in all warzone matches that have trees. All quests that take you straight to another planet without you having to "Exit" your ship does the same, but these quests are rare. I have experienced these bugs since the beta and have tested them on numerous computers.

Capes and Cloaks hang through a mount when you are riding it.

GOT FIXED! There is a map glitch on Illum that disallows your map from updating the explored PvP section on it.

GOT FIXED! Very often when inspecting other players, their inspection window is filled with either your stats, or your gear, or without an offhand weapon, or any combination thereof. This only becomes fixed when the player becomes mounted.


Often the particles coming out of "taxi" speeders' exhausts (most notably in warzones,) create a trail of these particles as it moves, instead of clearing up correctly.

There have been reports that sometimes when you join an ops in progress, that instant-travel doesn't work, and then when you get to the ops by using the legacy fleet ability, a message informs you to reset your active phase.

GOT FIXED! Sometimes when you join a group or an ops group and enter a story area, that sometimes you become stuck in the air and the mobs can still attack you.

There are still some locations in some cases where you can fall through the ground such as in the Esseles and Cademimu flashpoint.

Sometimes random flashpointss will bug such as Kaon Under Siege where the Rakghoul boss cannot be killed, because the barrel debuff won't apply, and in TFB at the last boss - a tank touched a wall and was insta-killed.


Pod racing is a hot topic amongst large amounts of players. Pod racing should be added to the game with original and authentic mechanics seen in the movies. This should take place at the authentic and original location of the very famous "Boonta Eve" pod racing tournament on Tatooine with maybe a nice cut-scene introduction, and with a heart-felt announcement like the one in Hutball.

Some bosses need to become "CC-able." I propose the following solutions, which will keep the game balanced but allow people's desires to use their CC on some bosses. Currently and understandably, SWTOR uses an old, primitive and unrefined method of restriction when it comes to fighting bosses by not allowing bosses to become "CC'd". Here is THE solution to this problem:


It would be great for future planetary questing content to visit classic Star Wars locations such as Naboo, Geonosis, Kamino, Mustafar, Kashyyyk, and Yavin IV. After asking around on the forums a bit I found that most players wanted those planets the most including myself.

We need an option to be able to create more than 1 legacy surname!
I want a separate legacy name for my imperial characters.

All vehicles in the game needs a 50% speed boost. Furthermore, the current concept of vehicular mounts need some tweaking. We need to be able to throttle their speed up and down, and adjust their altitude. They also need to be upgradable. - The "walk mode" doesn't count as speed throttling. Additionally, vehicles need to follow some laws of physics such as the physical effects of acceleration and deceleration, an "up-down" weight effect when the vehicle is mounted, when driving over hills the vehicle has to slightly fly into the air, and of course turning physics aswell.

Why does a taxi spawn out of the thin air every time you travel somewhere and then you just jump into it? - a lack of reality. Why not instead, make it so that when you travel via a NON-SPEEDER BIKE taxi (such as the ones found in more civil areas,) that a proper cut-scene occurs where you and your companion walk to a nearby taxi, then get into it, then take off! - like mass effect. Their speed can be increased to compensate for lost time on the cut-scene for example. ALL SPEEDER BIKE taxis such as the ones commonly found in war afflicted areas should automatically allow you to ride YOUR OWN MECHANICAL MOUNT on the taxi route if you are currently mounted on one.

Subscribers need an option to hide the Cartel Market Icons via the options menu, which are displayed everywhere.

We need solo ranked PvP queues! I have played this game since it was in Beta and have NEVER played a ranked PvP match because it is 99.99% impossible to find a team willing to do it on my server and with my playing time.

The holoterminal in your ship needs to stop flashing when there is no conversation available.

We need an option which stops the game from being minimized by pressing the windows key when in warzones or operations and flashpoints. Very often during warzones I miss-press alt and hit the windows key, which then minimizes the game.

The SWTOR Windows Taskbar icon should flash whenever you have been matched with a group via the groupfinder or warzone tool. The reason for this is because I often have to wait extended periods for a group to be found, so I minimize the game and then don't know whether a group has been found.

We need to be able to customize which text plays a sound when someone types it into the chat window. The reason is because in Warzones such as the Voidstar, you often try to tell your teamates to go to the left (Western) door when it becomes overwhelmed and often they don't read the text because they are too busy fighting things. There needs to be numerous types of sounds you can pick from to distinguish left from right for example. By doing this players can map the words "left" and "right" to their chat notification list so they that can be notified properly when to move around.

GOT FIXED! The PvP Server Master Dar'Nala in Oceanic region should be merged with the other two servers to address its low population.

We need Universal Key Bindings.

GOT FIXED!PvP is badly unbalanced.

The Huttball Warzone ball throw mechanics need a makeover. It is extremely hard to throw the ball from one platform to a higher platform and to some other areas so I propose a new mechanic to address this problem. Make it so that whenever your mouse cursor touches a friendly player and you use the ball toss ability that the ball automatically throws to their exact location only if they are in range.

The game is a bit too dumbed down in some areas I think, so I have come up with simple solutions to fix it.


It would be a nice addition if all of these full star wars soundtracks get added to the game's music palette: A person should also be able to set a music "mood" theme in the main menu, which should replace the current fleet music/themes because the current ones become dull and boring. For example, I want to set the theme to "dark" and have all the good epic music played on loop etc on the fleet ...

Make more of everything bind to Legacy!


Basic Version Got Implemented - Still Not Up To Standard! Can't we have a(n) SWG type space experience?


A graphic setting should be introduced so that ALL graphic render distances can be increased or decreased for PCs capable of running the game on Max settings. I have an extremely good computer and almost never have a frame-rate below 60 on the maximum settings on a 1920x1080 screen, so I want to badly increase my graphic render distance by 50% at least.

ALL Starships need to be visually customizable on the outside and inside, not only with different paint, but with differently looking turrets, windows, engines, and maybe a few slightly different ship models etc ...

A customization option has to be added so that any robe can have it's hood toggled up or down for the player and their companions.

Companions should be completely replaceable with other human players in questing including Flashpoints. They should be able to activate objects when you command them to, such as to activate one terminal in the Esseles Flashpoint while you activate the other, and they should be able to throw a grenade in the sphere in the Long Shots Heroic in Section X. They should also be able to loot corpses for you in the vicinity with the loot then placed into your inventory. ALL companions need to have an inventory of their own with about half the room of yours.

Companions need to act a bit more realistically and naturally when they are around in the general game world, and they need to have conversations with each other aswell to make the game more lively and to lighten the mood.

Twi'leks need their own helmet models, and the way a twi'lek keeps his/her lekku should be a selectable option in game such as the current at the back method, or over the shoulders at the front.

All bind on acquire and bind on equip cartel Market items should be bound to legacy, not to character. This especially makes sense because when you pay real money for such items, you do not want to pay again for the exact same thing on another character.

Datacrons should be made available to all characters on your account's Republic or Imperial side depending whether your character belongs to the Republic or Empire when you discover them, through a legacy perk and/or a cartel market purchase. It is extremely time consuming and not that much fun at all to get all of them for one character, the last thing I want to do is to get them for another character. Or datacron hunting could be made more fun

GOT IMPLEMENTED!An achievement system should be introduced to the game to reward and encourage the new, and the old players so that they will continue to play the game.


There needs to be a group-finder for all world bosses, and all world bosses need to drop daily commendations.

There needs to be a group-finder for Open World PvP. Open World PvP needs to be rewarding - very rewarding.


Currently there are some really cool places the general player population would love to simply "visit."All or most instanced areas need to become an open area for all players, and only be instanced if you have a quest there.

There needs to be a separate volume slider for notification sounds such as the group finder tool, the warzone tool, and whispers.

ALL flashpoints and Operations need to become available via the group finder tool once you reach the required level, not just Karaga's palace and Eternity Vault etc ..

How a player holds his/her lightsaber should be optional.


Sprint needs to be made available from level 1.


Enemy NPCs need to stop running back to their original spawn/patrol location at the speed of light when you evade them.


It would of been great if some planets such as Coruscant had a day and night cycle or simply transitioned between day and night every few hours. It would also of been great to have a weather system on each planet so that it can sometimes rain or snow, or have heavy winds with appropriate effects respectively.


So I settled into my Jedi Knight ship a while ago and I have noticed that there are no lavatories anywhere. I saw that there are 2 closed doors in the ship but they can't be accessed.
Bioware, can you please add at least 1 accessible lavatory on each ship with a flushing function on the toilet? If I recall correctly in Mass Effect, the water swirled anti-clockwise, although any direction is acceptable.

The concept of commendations as a currency is a bit daunting to comprehend especially to new players because in games there is usually only one currency that can buy everything. However, I would imagine that as far as lore goes, not everything would be for sale to just everyone so in this case it makes a bit sense to have a special currency which only select individuals have access to in order to buy your specialty goods. There needs to be dialogue with a cut-scene with a proper explanation on what commendations are according to lore, and why they are used instead of credits. This needs to be done for newbies such as my "ex-self," through an introductory quest at the start of a new character before completing the first mission which grants planetary commendations.

An intelligent conversation system desperately needs to be developed which should be based on what type of choices you make in conversations and then applied to the game world.


GOT IMPLEMENTED!IConsolidate all planetary commendations into "Republic" and "Empire" commendations.

Many ramps in the game on the floor has got angles of what looks to be up to 70 and has to be replaced with stairs. What's the big idea behind using "near vertical" ramps when stairs should've been used instead? Realistically, in real life you would not be able to climb such ramps because of the steep incline. Some ramps may not have a steep incline or decline, however at some places huge flat ramps are used where there are no machinery and this makes little sense when obviously in real life stairs should of been used.

The Tram Rail system on Corellia has got angled segments which has to be replaced with curved segments. The Tram's Rails system is currently connected by pieces of straight segments around bends, declines, and inclines, and as a result it looks like the Tram "snaps or jumps" to a different angle everytime it goes up, down, left or right. These angled segments should be replaced with curved segments instead, even if the curves have a relatively low polygon count so that the travel there is more realistically smoother.

We all know that according to SWTOR Lore, most smugglers have allied themselves with the republic to help the war effort. We also know that Bounty Hunters have made better friends with the Empire than the republic because the Empire pays well and are the only ones who usually stoop to a very low level as to get someone assassinated. However, both bounty hunters are smugglers truly only work for themselves. For this reason, we propose through story-line future content that these two classes be given the option to become neutrally independent and / or be able to defect to the other side. This will add a huge amount of flare to the game and we believe it will be for the best.

The leaping/jumping abilities from all characters need to be adjusted so that they land on numerous places in a radius around the target. The reason is because, let's say I force leap to a target and I land in front of him, if one of my group members does the same then they will land at the exact same spot as I and become stacked, they never move off of me.

The republic fleet needs a physical makeover in my opinion. When you look at the Imperial fleet, it appears much more open;cleaner, and structured. The republic fleet (specifically Carrick station,) needs less walls, more trees and fountains and other pretty ornaments etc... in my honest opinion.

Why can't we sit on chairs, and lie down on beds? We need to be able to sit on all chairs, couches, and sofas, and lie down on beds. We could do that in Star Wars Galaxies, why not in SWTOR??

GOT IMPLEMENTED! A method of Character Recustomization needs to be implemented via use of a "Body Merchant."

Why do I have to run to my ship's door to exit every time I travel to a different planet and then the cut-scene for flying to the planet occurs? - it should be the other way around with the cut-scene of the ship flying to the planet coming up first directly after the hyperspace cut-scene, then you have to exit the door.

The game needs chat bubbles. We need an option to enable them for say, yell and emote chat!

I often want to read the Aurebesh text on billboards, signs, and other surfaces but unfortunately I can't read or write Aurebesh lol. Is it possible to have an option that displays translations of Aurebesh into English either "In-World" beneath the signs, or as subtitles when you mouse-over the sign?

We want an option to display everything that NPC's say in the game-world (when not in a conversation) at the top of the screen as subtitles instead of in the chat window; similar to the way subtitles are displayed in conversations.

I recommend that all types of weapons be made available to all classes for role-play and cosmetic purposes through the legacy.


There needs to be more scripted NPCs in the current - old game content, who do things like a short patrol; walk in a small circle; sit down - get up; lay down - get up; listen to a holocall; put the holophone away etc..., instead of just standing still. The game looks dull when you and a few NPCs are the only persons in an area.

GOT FIXED! The Jedi Knight / Jedi Consular ship needs some renovation, the cargo locker needs to be moved down to the same compartment the crafting table is in, and then remodel the upper-deck compartment as sleeping quarters for your companions.


I love the new space mode and I am sure most players do. The initial release is quite fun and very decent. I hope now that it will become expanded upon until it reaches the full glory that Star Wars Galaxies' version had, with some additional things like ship to ship docking!

I am extremely pleased with Makeb. There are a few notable differences which made me really love the place:
The cinematic quality of the cut-scenes were better than before and appeared to be filled with much more detail.
The environment felt much more alive with plenty scripted NPCs moving about.
Guard patrols and faction forces appeared much more realistic by walking in formations which is unseen in this game before.
Guard patrols are much larger which was great, and significant given that there were only 4 individuals "troops" defending the Esseles haha.

I like the new seeker droid and macro-binoculars. Those are iconic Star Wars tools which I did think about suggesting but it seemed to minor compared to other things to bother at first.

Many companions are very fun and entertaining to play with. I love it how when you enter a mystical place, how your companions say something interesting about it. It makes the game feel so much more lively.

The new Warzone is extremely fun, it adds a lot to the game. I love the free Tionese gear handouts too.

I am extremely excited about the expansion RotHC. It came as a huge and pleasant surprise to me how something like that be released so shortly after patch 1.6! More things to do, more goals to achieve, more places to explore, more gear to loot!

Illum and Hoth are my favourite visually appealing planets.

Please add any information about needed improvements / old, new or persistent bugs or complements.
If this list never gets updated again, it means that I am dead .
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11.28.2012 , 06:58 PM | #2
Many valid points.But you could make this list much longer.

I guess you just have to focus on what makes the game enjoyable to keep playing it. For me the main reason is: It's Star Wars. If it wasn't for that though....
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11.28.2012 , 06:59 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Wallner View Post
Many valid points.But you could make this list much longer.

I guess you just have to focus on what makes the game enjoyable to keep playing it. For me the main reason is: It's Star Wars. If it wasn't for that though....
long enough now?

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11.28.2012 , 07:11 PM | #4
I could probably extend this list; when I think of something new I will add it.

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11.28.2012 , 08:24 PM | #5
There's a section of the forum entitled "Suggestion Box" at top of the General Discussion section. This is probably more appropriate for that area of the forum.

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11.28.2012 , 08:25 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by MastaKorgy View Post
This is a list of everything off the top of my head I would like to see fixed in the future.


PvP is unbalanced.

Melee tanks are underpowered.
The whole concept of how shield generators work is dysfunctional. Shield chance shouldn't decrease with an attacker's surge rating - ever.
The concept of shield generators having a chance to shield an attack makes no sense - it breaks lore; it should always shield, with the only variable being by how much.


But also, having no defense at all from force and tech. I get that they want it to be like other MMOs where normal defensive stats don't have effect, but at least in other MMOs you could boost your RESISTANCE if you so choosed. Right now, I have a tank that can't actually tank against potentially half a warzone team because everything they throw at me bypasses my defenses completely. All tanks are reduced to in this game is a massive damage sponge which is absolutely no fun.

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11.29.2012 , 06:30 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Ailie View Post

But also, having no defense at all from force and tech. I get that they want it to be like other MMOs where normal defensive stats don't have effect, but at least in other MMOs you could boost your RESISTANCE if you so choosed. Right now, I have a tank that can't actually tank against potentially half a warzone team because everything they throw at me bypasses my defenses completely. All tanks are reduced to in this game is a massive damage sponge which is absolutely no fun.
Agreed, defensive stats need to mitigate Tech and Force aswell - to some extent.

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11.29.2012 , 08:09 AM | #8
Jedi Knight big butts? Been an issue since beta.
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11.29.2012 , 10:21 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by JefferyClark View Post
Jedi Knight big butts? Been an issue since beta.
Was fixed in 1.4 I believe.

And most of the middle issues he has and be coughed up to it being a game. I laugh when people say things aren't realistic in a game, a game that takes place in a galaxy far far away.
That's why they call it space, cause there is so much of it.

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11.29.2012 , 10:30 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by MastaKorgy View Post
The game is too unrealistic in many areas.
Whoa whoa whoa now. Are you saying that a game set in a fictional universe a long time ago in a galaxy far far away is too UNrealistic?

You're absolutely right. What I want is to be reminded of the doldrums of everyday life while I play an escapist fantasy.
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