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The Grand Scheme

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11.25.2012 , 06:20 PM | #1
It's really long so I only translated 1/2 of the first chapter, if it's ok then I will continue.

The story took place around three thousand six hundred years before the Battle of the Yavin, the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic each controlled half of the galaxy. They signed the Treaty of Coruscant after the First Galactic War, but the Sith’ secret assassination ultimately destroyed the Treaty, thus the Second Galatic Wars had started, first, the Empire was in a very disadvantageous situation due to their loss at Balmorra and Corellia, and the famous Sith warlord Darth Malgus’ betrayal.

In the hall of Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, the Dark Council, the ruling body of the the Empire, formed by the most powerful twelve Sith Lords of the galaxy, was having a meeting.

“The Emperor still hasn‘t recovered from that assassination, the loss of Corellia and Malgus’ betrayal already set us in a very bad situation in the beginning of the war, the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence and the Dread Masters’ betrayal made the situation worse. As the ruling body of the empire, we can not allow the war to continue like this. "Darth Marr, veteran member of the Dark Council, the head of the Imperial Defense, had spoken.
Although the council all swore loyalty to the Sith Emperor, but most of them had their own ambition hidden inside their soul. Several members even thought their chance had come when the Emperor fell into silence. Of course, they would never express it.

"Perhaps ... we should bring down some the important figures of the Republic?" A female voice timidly asked, , the council was formed of the twelve most powerful Sith, such a weak voice seems shouldn‘t appear.

Most of the other members of the Dark Council expressed their disdain, the most short tempered Darth Ravage almost laughed out. The girl was Darth Zhorrid, she only gained the seat because she was the daughter and the only apprentice Jadus ever had. She was far much weaker than her treacherous father Darth Jadus, and didn‘t realize it until the Council taught her a lesson.

But her idea was not bad, the empire really needed to deliver a strong blow of the Republic.

"I think the best target is undoubtedly the Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, the leader of our sworn enemy and the backbone of the Republic." The newly ascended member, pureblood Sith Lord Darth Tormen suggested "Her blood will greatly demoralize the morale of the Republic and the Jedi. At the same time, those ‘neutral’ ants shall also know that even the leader of the Jedi will only be crushed to dust if she dare to oppose the Sith.” His crimson eyes were filled with excitement as he was talking. He once successfully planned the assassination of the former Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

"Indeed, we can also take advantage when the Republic and the Jedi are in panic, and she is a great threat to the Empire." Darth Marr nodded thoughtfully.

The other members also nodded on this, but to kill the Grand Master of the JedI Order was not easy even for members of the Dark Council. The Empire didn’t have the strength to make a direct assault on Coruscant or Tython right now. The council temporarily fell into silence again.

"I will handle this." A very appealing and penetrating female voice suddenly broke the silence.

“Darth Nox? "The other Members’ sight switched on her. It was a tall and blue skinned beautiful Twi'lek woman with seductive purple eye makeup. At the moment she was tilting her head and side sitting on the seat. This young woman earned her seat through defeating the idealistic Darth Thanaton in a Kaggath. Although she was young and had a casual demeanor, but the veteran council members were clear that she was a very dangerous woman, just like her former master Darth Zash.

"I've caught her weakness, but I can‘t talk too much other than this." Darth Nox gave a confident smile, said slowly with her charming voice. Of course, she would not share her info with the others.

The Dark Council was greatly weakened in the Second Galaxy Wars due to power play and the defeat in Corellia. Nearly half of the members were slaughtered. The remaining veteran members didn‘t want to go to the front line, their plan was to let the young members to do the work and gain benefit through manipulation.

"Do you need my aid?" Darth Tormen asked, he was still not willing to lose the opportunity to kill the Grand Master of the Jedi, but he could not find a way to approach Satele. Nox shook her head.

"Well, then, Nox, we wish you success of the operation, spread fear and chaos to the Republic. We will try to turn the tide of the front battlefield, let’s help the empire to regain the advantage." Darth Marr approved it. As a council member, Nox should be very clear that no failure is allowed. The meeting ended shortly after.