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Is this an ISP or SWTOR issue?


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11.24.2012 , 02:15 AM | #1
So I've been getting quite a bit of DC issues as of late. I've sent in a ticket and been given instructions on what to do. I've also sent in an email or two with attached logs. I've checked out the support FAQ on a list of what I could do to try to improve my connection. All these measures I have tried to do, and it has not improved my connection. Before 1.4 my connection was fine. But now especially post 1.5, when there seems to be a lot of people online I get disconnects or very bad latency every 20 seconds. However yesterday I did not have anything at all.

When I'm given the disconnect dialogue box and sent back to the log in screen (and respectively when the application closes), I am often still able to access the internet like normal, and sometimes I am not able to...

I've also double checked my router and found that it was also taking a long time to load into that. I'm not even sure if I should be contacting my ISP. I don't have a monthly cap per se, and the provider isn't really known for throttling.

I'm sure there is information I'm forgetting, but the reason why I'm asking the original question, is because there are both factors that seem to incline that it's either more SWTOR related or more ISP related.

At this point I can only think to change the frequency of my router or replace it entirely (I don't know the lifespan on such things). Thanks