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Experience Bonus Order Of Operations

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Experience Bonus Order Of Operations

Meterman's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 01:47 AM | #1
Ive seen 1 other thread asking this question, but I was wondering if anyone has maybe figured anything out about how the new EXP bonuses are calculated.

For example,

Rested Boost
Legacy Perk Boosts
and Cartel Boosts

All three can be active at 1 time, i wondered if they were A: Summed and applied to Base, or B: There was a specific order that these are applied (Rested first, then Legacy, then Cartel)..

Its a matter of a few percent. I was just wondering if I should spend the Money if the Rest bonus and the additional Cartel bonus or Legacy bonuses stack in the first place, and in what order are they multiplied.

Thanks in advanced