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I feel cheated with the Digital Upgrade Pack

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I feel cheated with the Digital Upgrade Pack

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11.24.2012 , 02:33 AM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by Kleryk View Post
1 - Don't whine like a spoiled brat. You've spent five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS. And you demand priviledges like you paid 100.
2 - While buying DDE shouldn't entitle you to the role of a VIP, the CE buyers pretty much deserve it. I don't know if it's disregard or envy that makes you say such things, but remember that most of those CE buyers are, in fact, players, who decided to invest additional money by pre-ordering a more expensive version of the game to support BioWare. Of course, the Malgus statue is awesome and Gnost Dural's diary gives some fine insight into the fluff, but if $5 can give you everything else(aside from the vacuum robot), then you should at least be treated as a better customer.

Don't you try to school me on the fact that all customers are equal. They aren't. There are those, who would freeze their account and unfreeze it only to do the ops just to freeze it again for a week to preserve their subscription. And there are those, who bought CE and probably buy cartel coins. The content you get does not cover the price you pay for it. You are a better customer, because you put more money into developers' pocket. And you should be recognized for it. Why not give some more priviledges to them?

You will probably call me a selfish bastard with oversized ego, since I am one of those, but you can't deny that I am at least partially right and reasonable. Hell, even BioWare said before the launch, that they like the ones who pre-ordered the game earlier more, because they decided to give them the money long before the launch, entrusting the studio and boosting it's budget. Why is it something bad? And they were rewarded with earlier early access. It was super cool of BioWare to treat their better customers.. better. They deserved it. And I see no reason people like me, who support the game more than others should not get additional priviledges like more cool items in CE shop or some discount/bonuses at the Cartel Market.

So yeah, I kinda feel wronged by BioWare as a pre-ordered CE owner, because despite the very nice CC boost, they gave me nothing more for that. It's been a year and no single update for either the VIP or CE shop. But not really as angry as the poster. My discontent seems to be rather reasonable to me.
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11.24.2012 , 04:01 AM | #82
Quote: Originally Posted by Vandicus View Post
The banner is bugged on pre-existing characters right now according to the sticky. You can get the banner still by rolling up a new char, sending the banner over to your other character, and then deleting the new one. Hopefully the CE shop gets updated at some point.

There's two things with that.

1. It shouldn't be bugged - lack of testing is a reason, not an excuse.

2. They shouldn't be able to be sent to ANY character, they should be BoP, otherwise what is the point of a "CE" banner that ANYONE CAN HAVE?
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11.24.2012 , 07:38 AM | #83
First of all, my bad, I mistook the poster for someone else who whined that he was cheated on DDE because he didn't feel special.

Second thing - I noticed that there are three types of people in this thread:

1 - Those, who outright treat the unhappy CE owners like spoiled brats;
2 - CE owners who are okay with the actual status quo for some reason, I don't judge, some people just expect less;
3 - CE owners who realised that they didn't get what they paid for and are waved dismissively upon. Some of them are angry, but most seem to know that they're right at most issues.

Someone said that they promised vendor goodness in 1.6 and I shall ask - is that confirmed info? I demand a proof! Link would be nice.

And now I have three pleas, each to one of the types of people posting here:

1 - Please, at least try to understand few reasons why we are unhappy with the CE overall;
2 - As far as I am happy that you're okay with not getting the stuff you spent your money on, some of us actually like to get what we paid for so, please, don't oppose us openly in threads - you will benefit too if we all get what we paid for;
3 - It is very important to choose your words carefully when posting here or any other CE-related topics. If you get angry, you will fuel those "spoiled snob" accusations. Bring up valid reasons, ignore the trolls and don't forget to fight for your rights as a customer. That was your, or your parents'(maybe that's why some do not care? Got it as presents, didn't care if didn't get all the promised stuff) money.

But I still respect and support BioWare with all my heart, and I know that they care about their customers. I know that with proper community guidance and time they will take care of everything. And if they do not, lots of people won't buy their CE's anymore. I know I won't if they don't fix these issues.
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11.24.2012 , 07:39 AM | #84
Quote: Originally Posted by HisShadowX View Post
I am a CE Owner and I bought it because they advertised they would constantly change the store and give us some amazing stuff...never happened.
This. This is all there is to it. It was advertised as a store they would continually be updating. CE was not something that was going to be offered forever, so F2P changes nothing with its original purpose.

If you tell a customer that part of what they are paying $150 for is for a store that will be updated from time to time, then keep your promise to your customers.
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